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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

April 8, 2012


Do you wonder about the way the life is?

If you do then I would say stop doing it cause I don’t think there are going to be any answers even though a lot of questions keep coming up inside the head.

I think we always question our existence and try to find a reason behind it but don’t think there is any reason worth finding out. I kind of come to a conclusion that life is about experiencing it and not about what one has or don’t or finding happiness.

I believe we create our own luck sometimes it could be coincidence and then its karma. Talking about karma never get the fact why people with bad deeds, tend to live longer than the good people. I guess it all comes to about survival. 

What's your opinion?


sur said...

Longer you live, more you tend to face the hard time and consequences... may be that could be the reason why people with bad karma tend to live longer, Another reason could be less/no space left in hell (overpopulation, u knw:P)... :P

that's true... that life is all about experience...

keep writing... :)

Tall Guy said...


Thanks for your wishes. That surely motivates.

I think its the other way. Earth is the hell that we live in and good people get a early door to heaven :) Does that makes us all bad?