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April 6, 2012

Day V

How many times a guy is gets asked by a girl to share his photo not once but thrice? Let me tell you that odds of that happening are pretty less. Will not go into details J

One must have read about my yesterday post about how we human beings are living a complex life. Sometime we ourselves complicate them by making the wrong choices and asking the wrong questions.

If you are one of those trying to find the meaning of life, I would say don’t waste your time. Life is all about living and experiencing it. Living in the moment matters.

Everybody is going gaga over the IPL, don’t find much fun in watching cricket these days and the credit for that will go to the Indian cricket who knows how to keep the people always uncertain.

Losing cool has become a norm for me, something that’s unlike me even for a short time. Do you think it’s better to vent out anger or keep it within?

Every day keep reading the horrorscope (horoscope for those who don’t get it) in the papers and trust me it never actually turns out the way it’s written. Still I keep reading and following, don’t ask me why.

Read in the papers about a disciplinary father making her daughter beg so that she can be someone in her life and be independent. Raising children is a serious and big responsibility and messing it up only ends up damaging and scarring the child for life. People do all kinds of things these days. After all one can live the life the way they want to.

Isn’t it funny that the government keeps increasing one’s expenses but never the income? Guess it time they table a bill on income too, that should keep everyone happy.

BTW, got appreciated for my work and an apology from my boss. How many times does that happen? Referring to the apology part J


Bharathi said...

apology that is a good gesture from boss.. congrats.. :)

She scribbles said...

Reading horoscopes is fun. I usually read them at the end of the day just to see how right or wrong they were in predicting my day.

A bit of anger always helps. Anything in excess is bad. But, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes it can backfire so just use your head to decide when you should or should not let off the steam.

Tall Guy said...




Its not easy to follow that especially when one's instincts take over.