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April 10, 2012

Day IX

It almost felt that a weight has been lifted off my chest. Can’t tell you what’s it about but it certainly makes me feel good. Finally the closure is happening.

Today I was playing the role of counselor to my friend who apparently did not like his GF talking to a particular person. I can understand the possessiveness and jealousy but to go to an extend to tell them to delete the number and not talk to that guy is something that I could not understand.

Got his logic behind it, but really if someone does not feel the love they used to, no matter what one does, eventually they will drift away. This also become more common in marriages these days as its easier to let go than hold on.

Why is it that one’s responsibilities always go up when they grow up and never comes down?

Did anyone notice that these it’s the guys are stripping on the television shows? Don’t think there are many guys who watch television these days. I at least don’t not for any Indian television show. The sense and sensibility of making a good show has gone on a vacation never to return.

With the morning shows being devote to all the Baba lok, the afternoon and the prime time shows cater to the conservative mindset of our population. There is a huge dearth of creativity and originality. No matter how modern we call ourselves, we simply don’t give up on our old customs as they die hard. No wonder education has been a failure.

I can go on and on but don’t think there is a point in it. As one wise man said to my friend, don’t try to be Anna Hazare and try to change the world. People have enough problem of their own to deal with.

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