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April 15, 2012


I almost forgot to write today’s post and was heading to sleep when realized. Here I am back to complete the post of the day.

As I am writing this post I could hear either a squirrel or probably a mouse squeaking. Will have it checked out in the morning.

Weekend is something that I look forward to these days, as it happen to be the only days when I get some time for myself. Then again, when one is at home, can they be without some homework to do? Over I can still take my shots for not doing it. J

What do you think about dreams? Do they have a story to tell? I still remember how I got my first cycle, told my Dad that I had a dream about it and I had to really push to get one.

Today earthquake hit Bombay and I never came to know about it.

My suspicion is confirmed. It’s a squirrel running around the house. It almost jumped on me. That at least what happened the last time when I found one running around the house. Right now have it locked under the kitchen and will let it out in the morning. Would prefer to keep it a pet but I know that won’t happen. Do read this post to know about animals visit our home.

Got a go its already getting late.

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