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April 2, 2012

Day II Monday The Hangover Days

Mondays have always been my hangover days. No it does not mean that I am drunk on weekends. It simply means that I could not get my hangover of the weekends as I find it hard to get up in the morning and go to office.

Hardly get any sleep these days due to cold problem. Don't even have the time to visit the doctor. I am actually allergic to going to doctors but these days there has been a turnaround.

Isnt' it funny no matter how much we talk of gender equality, but it always play a role when one needs to get things done. And to be honest guys are at the receiving end coz they are ones who create it.

No matter how much I get my work done, my boss prefers to give even more. I think I am being mistaken for a machine. No wonder the machines will revolt one day. Guess I will be one to start with. 

At the end of the day, the only thing that I have is tiredness and sleepiness resting on my eyes for company which chooses to desert me when I need them the most in the night. :(

That bring to the point where I almost forget to mention the retirement of Rahul Dravid. Saw his press conference where he announced his retirement and then his speech and what makes me wonder, is that is he for real? Coz people like that are not made any more. 

To be at such a stature and still be humble and gracious to enough to remember everyone's contribution. Even though he never got his share of the limelight but people in the middle know that he was the backbone of the Indian cricket that they can rely on when no one could stay around in the field.

Hats off to him. Such people are rare and to witness them in action is indeed nothing short of a miracle.

Can anyone please explain why would one have a caller tune that other people can listen into but you cannot when they call you up. Still companies are making a moolah selling it. Don't know who is winning the company or the people.

When a man and women become good friends, is it because they have things in common or is it the beginning to get closer.

If you are wondering the question don't mind them, I keep asking them a lot even got myself compared to Paresh Rawal's character in Judaai.

Guess what, my neice also does the same :)


Bharathi said...

Oh u did best in writing second post, take medication and get rid of cold, coming to office, every boss is same :).and the topic of caller tune is a kind of PPl showing their taste in music (i guess not sure)and the man and women being friends, reasons varies from person to person. I guess i should stop now other wise it may turnout like a blog post :)

Anonymous said...

For a moment, I thought there was a new blogger by the same name. And when I realized it canbe just you, i hopped on. Well, I am happy you came back to blogging, though you never left it. Yes, I know work can be hectic, i am myself facing that, but the will to write on each day, i am happy for that. So, no matter if i comment or not, you got to post daily, no matter what you write ( the every piece you write is so true, and direct. That is the most thing I admire, in anyone), you will have one reader, call it silent reader. I am writing such a big comment to make up for days, when i am unable to, lol.

And hey, guys have more privilege that girls. You just got one work, and other various options of entertainment, but girls have lot more options( read no option) but to work and manage home too. Wonder what guys would say when it comes to that ?

A man and woman gets closer because they find what others dont, and so an unbreakable bond forms. At times it turn as love, at times lust/attraction, at times just friendship ( though the latter is very rare).

The more you ask questions, the deeper you understand life. So keep asking .. coz the answer is just revolving around that question.

Seems like i wrote a mini ( or mega ?)post over here. Maybe coz seeing you here after a long time, maybe coz i am not sure when i would comment you next time. take care ! :)

PS : Forgot to tell you, DONT quit writing this whole month, i am gonna read and might end up writing a bigger comment than this :D

She scribbles said...

Take steam it may give you some relief from cold.

You must be efficient n reliable in your work therefore your boss keeps on loading you with more n more work.

Rahul Dravid is of a rare kind. His retirement is a loss to the team. I wish other players learn a lesson or two from his dedication.

There can be various things which may motivate a guy n a gal to get into a relationship. Common interest can be a starter and it may lead them to something deeper or maybe nowhere.

Tall Guy said...


Its good to see that it inspires others to write posts.


Thank you Silent Reader. Will need your support as trust me its not easy dishing out a post every day. You almost had a post out here. :D

Tall Guy said...


I am allergic to medication only when its needed.

That I am :P but I think he believes I am a PC more like a Mac book.