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April 1, 2012

Day I: Sunday the Holiday

If you are wondering about me not posting, it because I was and am busy more than I want. The thought of posting something always came in the back of the mind but it never felt good enough to write.

Apparently my work has been keeping me busy almost every day almost making me feel that I run the company instead the other way around.

I have decided to break this non communication with my blog and for the next 30 days you will have to bear with me. Yes, I am going to write every day on my blog which also keeps me in the hook as I am not sure what I would write about. Do not take this as an April fool joke :)

Anyways to begin with, like I said people amuse me a lot. The way they act and react in certain situations, I guess at the end of the day it only shows our nature as a human being and being selfish at that.

I find it damn great when I find myself in the company of people who share my passion/hobby of watching movies. I again watched three movies in a day certainly not back to back. There are still more to go and I don’t have the time to watch :( Did watch one today though.

A perfect Sunday means getting up late in the morning. I could not do that as I tend to get my nose blocked in the night due to cold which keeps me awake in the night. Wonder if we could have more of these days. Envy the job of teachers who still get a vacation while people like me working in corporate need to apply for leave to do the same. Where are those days of vacation of all play and no work.

Vacation reminds me of an odd incident in Shirdi where three matured healthy women from a family were jumping lines by crossing over the barriers of the queue to be the early birds to see the god idol in person. It was really pathetic to see that the men accompanying the ladies were not saying anything. All this could happen only in India where truth does not need to be stranger than fiction.

Would really like to experiment living without a television, but guess that will keep me hooked to my PC. Isn't it true that we tend to spend more time watching it then with people around each other?

That will be all for today, will look forward towards Monday, my hangover day of the week………


Bharathi said...

i too envy al govt employees :-) hanging out in the city is gud option than watchng TV.But one must hv cool company to enjoy

She scribbles said...

Glad to see you back. Happy to know that we will get a regular dose of your write-ups. Happy blogging!

Tall Guy said...


They are the lucky fellows, don't work, get most of the holidays and also more than the salary they deserve plus the under the table cut.


I would not have guessed, if not for your blog :)

Good to see someone excited.

She scribbles said...

@ Tall Guy,
Nice to know that you remember my name. Its always been a pleasure reading you so the excitement is obvious :)

Tall Guy said...


:) It's always good to know there are admirer's of this blog.