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November 20, 2011

Finally Free

Free is what he felt as he looked at the ceiling and smiled.

His whole life flashed before him as he saw the traces of his failures to get back up on the ground and live a normal life and find an acceptance within the society.

As his vision became blurred, he could only reminisce the good times he had and the regret that he let his family down.

The only thing he felt was the release of his soul from his mortal body as his eyes saw the world for the last time, even as drops of blood dripped on the ground from his wrist.

Lying beside him was his goodbye note stating that he tried hard to feel that he felt belonged but did not and so bid adieu to the world……..


Sh@s said...

ah...sad :(

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Heck, this is intense!

Grayquill said...

That was sad...he trade the truth for a lie.
Good job.

The Survivor said...




It sure is....

The Survivor said...


That's Life.