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September 4, 2011

Love Happens, Errr Make It Happen

Ravi knew he had the hots for her when he saw her the first time but never did he brought his feelings for her out in the open. His eyes would look at her now and then.

Somehow instead of making a move, he shied away from accepting his feelings even though she would be the one sitting right in front on him and he was not good at hiding them.

His eyes would move, every time she makes a move, and there were times when they both found looking at each other. He wondered if she knew about it as he thought women were intuitive on such things.

Then there was the day when she was walking behind his back and turned around and looked towards him,  their eyes met and she smiled. He wondered if this was a sign or was the idea of falling in love was taking over his mind.

Still he did not made a move as he thought they were poles apart and instead left it in the hands of fate, if it was meant to be it will. Every day from there on he watched her from a distance then be with her in her arms....

P.S. They say Love Happens, but I think there are times when one needs to make it happen instead of waiting it to happen. What do you think?


sur said...

quiet subjective.....both the end and consequences of let love happen or make it happen

Bharathi said...

ya we should make it happen, unless expressed love will never be felt by the other person..

Anonymous said...

If that was a fiction , then well i neednt say anything , but if that was a real incident, then well, lot of things goes unsaid. Coming to the incident related, well, again lot of things 'make it happen', like typical Indian mentality ( I mean caste, society, blah blah) can prevent from confessing love, co in 99% of the cases, you know its not gonna work, no matter what. Love happens, and in my perception, you can't make it happen, coz heart rules over mind, at least in case of love .. and no matter, how much ever reality/common sense stop you, heart has its own cute lil ways of expressing love indirectly ! :)

Sh@s said...

He should take his chance and go and speak to her even if he feels that he is out of her league. Who knows if she too secretly desires him and is waiting for him to take the first step. All the best to the guy!

Winnie the poohi said...

Lets just say when love happens... you take a long way home.. but you reach home.. if u dint.. it wasnt love :P