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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

July 24, 2011


His nostrils flared out the heavy air outside as his eyes shot up with fury. Inside there was the volcano of emotions waiting to erupt but on the outside it was kept on hold, no matter what he felt inside he could not let it out as the fire would have engulfed him too.

His face apparently said it all what he was trying hard to hide. In the end it was indecisiveness that let to the anger to subside wondering what would have happen had if the fire was let loose on the outside.

P.S: This is very different from what I normally write in fiction, so your feedback will be appreciated :))


Anonymous said...

Love it!

This is more my style i guess :D

Sh@s said...

Introspective post. Good attempt.

Shwetz said...

Good one! Each one of us has this emotion stuffed inside. Few burst often.. others hide it!

The Survivor said...

@ Meenu

Thanks. I was aware about that :)

@ Shas


The Survivor said...


Thanks Shwetz. Its good to see you back here.