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April 9, 2011

The Virus Incident

You are going to read about “The Virus Incident” so make sure that you study the above image with care to get a better understanding.  

Here are some pointers:

Area 1:  The site where the incident occurred
Area 2:  The site that could have been exposed to the virus
Area 3:  Confidential.  You will come to know of this later.

For Your Eyes Only

This happened when I was new to my job and was still getting familiar to the working environment.  It happened to be the night shift and apparently there was no work.  So after having fun, everyone decided that it was time to get some sleep which happened to be “Site II”.  The lights were dimed creating a sleepy atmosphere.  Still I was awake, never had the tendency to fall asleep at work even when I did not had a proper sleep.

I decided to surf the net which happen to be the “Site I” place.  I was very high on forming an alumni association of my college back then so I found myself landed on such a site and even connected with some of my school friends then. This was the age when there was no Orkut or Facebook around.

I decided to write an email to one of my school buddy who had replied me back on that site.  Along with me was a friend who was standing on the chair and observing what I was upto.

As I was writing back to him, I heard a hoarse voice saying to me “You are not supposed to do that”.

I turned around to find a tall, healthy older guy wearing glasses standing behind me telling me that you are not allowed to access emails.  Given my ignorance I told him that I was not accessing any email accounts and that the desktop that I was using was specific for internet uses only.

Still I was told to close it which I did as I thought that the guy was from the IT dept.  By then my colleague had gotten up from her chair. As the murmurs grew louder, one of the guys from the “Site II” was awaken.  I must mention here that there were some people who had developed an expertise in sleeping on two chairs that too moving ones.  A mystery that still puzzles me.

The next thing I know is that I heard a singing voice oblivious to the situation that was going on. I turned around to find it coming from “Site II” where a colleague who seemed to be in his own world singing a song loudly.  Both I and the other fellow were watching him, wondering what the hell he was up to.

If that was a sight, then it just got better as I saw the person who was awaken from his deep slumber crawling towards the red chair in full sight of the other guy. He reached toward the red chair and tried to awaken the girl who happened to be our shift supervisor.

All this while there was a pin drop silence as he made his attempts to awaken her and succeeded.  She got up and then spoke to the fellow and then we came to know there was a virus issue in one of the departments. He wanted us to check if the anti virus program was up to date in all the workstations.  Once that was started he left.

Next thing I know, I was being hailed as a hero.  The girl who was there with me told the other people that it was because of me that he did not came to the “Site II” or else everyone would have been in big trouble.

Guess who the guy turned out to be.  He was not an IT guy but the vice president of the company.  Apparently he could access any department, ours was a biometric access. We never came to know when he came in given that I was seated next to the entrance. The thought in my mind was what the hell he was doing in office in the middle of the night.

Then again, nothing feels better than been hailed as a HERO.


Winnie the poohi said...

I didnt get your story :O

Care to explain again? please?

V Rakesh said...

Phew, close call, huh?

Anonymous said...

What about Area 3? What is the mystery there?

Sh@s said...

Interesting. Thanks for drawing the layout of your office. Visuals does make an impact :)
So, were you able to find out why your VP was roaming like a 'bhatakti aatma' at that hour :P

The Survivor said...

@ Meenu


Read it once more, you'll get there

@ Rakesh

It sure was.

The Survivor said...

@ Merrymusing

Welcome to the den of the Tall Guy

The mystery was the person who was oblivious to the situation we were in :)

@ Shas

No ideas, never saw a VP up so late up in the night.