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March 27, 2011

Marriage Blues

A couple of weeks back; I got mobbed by my relatives who were hell bent on seeing me getting married.

I am not sure what is wrong with people as soon as you reach a certain age; the only thing in people’s mind is to see you get married.  Does not matter what you want to do in life or not, you should get married first.

I guess its tough for girls more than the guys especially women who are career oriented.  I somehow manage to dodge the bullet that day.

To come to think of it, I don’t think I am ready to get married even though I like the idea of settling down.  Don’t know what makes others to settle down except the need of a companion or it could be just plain sex.

I think I am not ready to take the responsibility of someone who will be moving away from her home and making my place her home.  I know that my thoughts might sound cliché but those are my thoughts on marriage.  Man taking care of his wife.

Also one of the other reasons being the fact that there are so many things one needs to accomplish in life. Don’t know if marriage fits into the bill?

I wonder if these are jitters of being in a stage where you at the point being getting married at some point.  Then again it’s only after marriage one will know where they stand.

So did/do you had/have any marriage blues?


Anonymous said...

The title forced me to comment today, which , off late i hardly do:P I was smiling till the very last word , because I didnt notice that I was nodding to every word my eyes read. and you said it right , its more difficult for girls to handle this , and at present I am sailing in that boat :P I haven't shared it in my blog , though few of my close friend know how allergic I am to marriage , not that I hate that concept and all , but just like you , I don;t understand the need or maybe lack courage you can say .of course , at times there is need for a companion or thoughts to settle down , but next moment , the volcano of thoughts just erupts and strangely , cools down this urge , because singlehood , is , for lot many reasons good and I guess you understand why :) People say , you would change this opinion once you are committed with someone , but then, the fact is , its never in mind to get committed ..Ummm sounding complicated I know , well , you are not the only who is facing marriage blues you see ! :P

Choco said...

Ahhhh... You have written it down... My worst fear in regards to marriage, had always been, getting married to someone who will not be my well wisher and who will not want to take care of his wife... Is that the same thing as not being caring? I dunno... Like the person above said- a lil complicated... Maybe its got more to do with compatibility...

But. I came in expecting to read about you announcing that you are getting hitched! Misleading title eh? ;)

V Rakesh said...

My friend - join the gang! I'm going through the same state presently! :(

Winnie the poohi said...

you know i feel the need to get married presently and at the same time i know its gonna be difficult for me.

I am so used to being alone.. sleeping alone.. etc etc.. u know i am possessive abt "MY" things.. my room etc.. how will i ever settle for our things.. our rooms?

thats my worst fear.. but right now I want to be married..

and the reasons are as u have listed..

1. i want someone in my life
2. sex and et al

but its more than that.. its like a milestone

u want to have a house of ur own.. children.. etc etc..

may be i am old fashioned too..

anyhow.. interesting dribble about JB dont be so mysterious. spill more of it!

sadaf said...

so very true...i blv relatives just think v ruined our dreams now ur turn...first of all u shud b mentally prepared n then financially sound...marriage is a gud thing.m sure every1 wants to stl down hv kids n al..but u ought to b ready...marriage is not that simple as it sounds..it takes ur life away..thr r responsibilites n u hv to forget about ur life n try n make ur partner happy before thinking of ur happiness...
ahhh..m not scaring u..m just tryin to tell ya u have to b mentally prepared for all this then only can a marriage b successful rather than marrying just for marrying..

The Survivor said...

@ Dreamy Gal

Good to see you around here. Thought you made a disappearance act.

Trust me, being a bachelor is a lot of fun unless one decides to get hitch to someone they would like to spend the rest of their life with.

I believe that most of the women would agree on this post than guys :)

@ Choco

Misleading? Naaaa. The title do get it right :)

I guess you are talking about the way marriages are arranged in India. Its nothing short of a gamble, don't know what to expect...

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate. Now, I don't feel alone :)

@ Meenu

You said it!! Independence, the loss of it will never come back once married.

It sure is a milestone and one needs to be prepared for it before they take a walk down that road.

I like to be mysterious :P Will write about her soon, keep visiting the blog :D

The Survivor said...

@ Sadaf

Yeah, I agree marriage comes with a baggage of responsibilities, then again it also depends on the partner I believe how accommodating are they so that one could find their own space and keep doing what they wanted to in the first place.

Marriage should act as a barrier to one's dreams but then again it seldom happens...