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February 26, 2011

Busy :(((

That’s how my life has been for the last few weeks.  Not that I have been complaining, except for the sleep perhaps.

One of the funny things that I noticed in the recent weeks is how easy it is to create a bad image of someone even though the person never did any such thing.  Gossip is said to be past time of girls but I think some of the guys can beat them on that.  I can vouch.

My name tally went up to the count of five.  People do silly things when they take decisions emotionally.  I was one of them and now I see someone else.  Taking a decision is not the hard part, but standing by it is the hardest.  I guess they are lucky that I am around which I was not. Let’s hope they could see light at the end of the tunnel and not do anything stupid.

I think I found my Jaya Badhuri and she, her Amitabh Bachanan. Then again it would only result in pain for both of our necks.  Par dooriyan aanewale hain, aur waqt bahut kam hain. (The time left is few and there is going to be distance).  So I don’t think anything is going to happen :(

That’s it for now, will post later…


V Rakesh said...

Happens very much! The key is to continue life, unaffected and remain connected to what one is passionate about. Few things matter much, thereafter!

Winnie the poohi said...

I demand to know more about JB... *perked up ears* or in this case.. eyes!!

come on spill!!

Oh and being busy.. so am i.. and am loving it..

Sh@s said...

"Gossip is said to be past time of girls but I think some of the guys can beat them on that." I fully agree with this statement of yours.

Ask your Jaya Bhaduri to use a stool, maybe that can solve your neck problem :P (just kidding, don't take it seriously)

Uncommon Sense said...

give the story a chance..

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

Very True

@ Meenu

Its a closed chapter for now :((

May be I will, keep visiting this blog :)

The Survivor said...

@ Shas

I did gave it a thought, then again I would be the one carrying the stool around :)

@ Uncommon Sense

I have but the parting already took place.