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January 5, 2011

Let's Talk

Imran was having his coffee in a café when two girls walked through the door.  The one in the grey t-shirt dragged the girl in a blue salwar by holding her hand.  As Imran looked up, his eyes met her eyes and sparks flew.  He could sense his heart beat getting faster as they passed by him.  It took a moment for him to realize what happened.

He turned around to have another look of the girl in salwar and again their eyes met.  The girl in grey picked up her cell phone that she had left there.  As both of them were leaving, Imran kept looking at her hoping their eyes could do the talking but she walk past him and left him speechless, wondering what a conversation it would have been had they talked.....


Sh@s said...

Nice one :)
Many will be able to relate with this post.

Grayquill said...

Fantasies come full bloom in ones imagination – good writing!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so good ..Short and crisp :) bdw m still thinking what they would have talked :P

V Rakesh said...

Unspoken thoughts, wishes, hopes and life! :-)

The Survivor said...

@ Shas

Thanks. I agree.

@ Grayquill


The Survivor said...

@ Aarti

Welcome to the den of the Tall Guy

Thanks. The usual, people talk on their first date when they are smitten with each other :)

@ Rakesh

That was quite good.