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January 21, 2011

Are You Living It?

Have you ever stopped doing what you do and wondered about the life you live?  Are you doing what you wanted to do and did ever look back and thought “I miss doing that” or look at where you stand now?

I believe everyone of us must have done this at some point of their life where they wonder about the path life takes them through.  Somehow as we grow older, it’s our experiences good/bad that makes us wiser and at times change our attitude too.

What we become is part of the experiences that we go through and how we face it shows our attitude.  Have you ever given a thought that after you graduate, start earning what meaning does life holds?  Is the next big thing to happen in life is to earn more money, get promotion, marriage, house and have children to have a complete picture of life.  

Is this what living life is all about?

What about pursuing dreams that no one understands but matters us the most?  What about breaking barriers that always stops us from going to the next level?  How about disappointing others and fulfilling our own needs?  Things one thinks a lot about but never do it.  Things that we desire but don’t’ pursue is like cheating yourself of the life that one should live.  It’s better to look back and say “I tried” than wish “I could have done that”.  In life it’s never too late unless you think it is.

So are you living the life that you always wanted?


rohini said...

nice qtn tall guy...
i blv..its man's nature to dislike what he has and like what others have...its easy to crib...
but wat matters is how one lives life..even if he thinks he has got the worse....

for me...i blv for others too...life is a mixture..kabhi khushi kabhi ghum..but still love it...:)

Winnie the poohi said...

I think no one ever lives the life as they want it... life happens.. having said that.. its better to have tried than not at all...

Grayquill said...

Hmmm...I supppose I have thought on this a time or two. I seem to hbe able to accept without much effort that which is done and cannot be changed but I also reconize tomorrow is a new day. When I consider a new venture or goal I find I will measure the work needed to accomplish said goal and if the effort is to much? Well I pretty much kick that idea to the curb. It is interesting to me what drives one to extrodinary effort for a seemingly useless gain or return? I guess that is why we need each other - I am really glad Edison did not give up on the light bulb but that was not useless for sure. I have also seen that certain people torture themselves with questions that even if answered will not change a single thing. These same people seem to never want to accept answers that to me seems simple and obvious.
There is a benefit from not being a smart person. Don't take this statement to think, that I think I am dumb. Good Post!

V Rakesh said...

I wish I could stop and take a u turn to embark on a journey of my dreams and passion!

Sh@s said...

These questions keep haunting us till the time we embark on the journey we have been wanting to. Ya, its better to have tried rather than allow them to die a silent death.

rauf said...

we all are victims of circumstances Yogesh. Some fight and many accept. Very few are lucky to have favourable atmosphere.

Humans are trapped in many cages within cages. Outer cage is always money. There is no freedom, even for the richest person on earth. One day we all realise what a joke life is.

The Survivor said...

@ Rohini

Thanks and you said it "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gaam"

@ Winnie

Yeah trying is better than not doing anything at all

The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill

I hope, it did not meant me. Thanks.

@ Rakesh

Well, its never too late

The Survivor said...

@ Shas

Quite True

@ Rauf

Good to see you around here. Life sure is one hell of a joke!