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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

May 23, 2010


Sitting in the waiting room outside the OT of the hospital; Viren was wondering “Why Adi?” he was going to leave for the US in couple of days.  He did not deserve to end up in an accident like this.  He looked up towards the ceiling and kept praying for his well-being while Keval and Sanket took care of formalities.  For Viren Adi meant a lot more than just a friend they were like brothers.  They grew up together and shared a closed bond.
After some time the doctor came out of the OT room and announced “Sorry we could not save him, he had lost lot of blood”  Hearing those words came as a shock to Viren even as Keval and Sanket moved into the room to have a glimpse of their friend’s body.  Viren slowly followed them behind.

“I am not going to cry.  I am not going to cry” he kept saying to himself as he tried to get control of himself and clenched his left fist with all the strength he got.  When he came across Adi’s body lying motionless on the stretcher, he went out of breath; tears filled up his eyes and overflowed across his cheeks.  He could not hold it any longer and cried his heart out.

“You cannot do this do to me.  You cannot die” Viren kept saying as he shook Adi’s body.  Keval and Sanket who watched him mourn got hold of him and took him away.

That night he couldn’t sleep; all he could see was Adi’s laying on his lap, looking at him as blood oozed out of his head.  “Somebody help” he yelled.  “Everything is going to be okay” he said trying to comfort him.  Adi seem to say something but he could not hear.  Viren lowered his head and heard him saying “Tell Mom & Dad that I love them”.  For a moment he could not believed it.  “Nothing is going to happen to you.  You listen to me, nothing is going to happen to you” and all Adi could do was smile….


Anonymous said...

But what happened to him??? :(

Very lucidly narrated Survivor. Will you continue this tale?

V Rakesh said...

Damn! Overwhelming! I do not have words!

blunt edges said...

screw death!

The Survivor said...

@ Choco

Well, he is mourning the loss of his friend/brother.

Yeah, that's my specialty. No, that wont happen but there is a reason why this was kept vague so that emotions don't get lost in trying to explain the whole story...

Grayquill said...

Nicely written, your story captures a glimps of grief and how there is always certain outward demonstrations people feel to be inapporpriate. I wonder if that effort to keep it together is really just pride, not wanting someone else to see us weak, not being willing to look our best?
Well done!

rohini said...

brilliantly written....

Shanu said...

Very well written!

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

I guess no one can

@ BE


The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

@ Rohini, Shanu


Winnie the poohi said...

This is wonderfully written.. but again like the first commentor.. i want an end..

The Survivor said...

@ Winnie

That won't happen :P

Maria Mcclain said...

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