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April 8, 2010

To Do List

I am not sure what I would do without a to-do list.  Apparently I started using it when all kinds of deadlines were looming over my head.  Now I cannot see my life without it.  A workaholic life is pretty chaotic without it.  So here I am sharing my to do list which I intend to complete:

•  Getting a Tattoo
   (Two actually, one of the tiger that you see and another of the ying yang)

•  Grow Long Hair
   (I would have done it earlier, but I have been warned that if I ever do it my long locks would be  chopped off, still I am taking the risk)

•  Keeping Beard for a year
   (I am pretty lazy when it comes to shaving; God only knows how I drag myself to get a shave.)

•  Stop Giving Advice
   (I realize that most of the times people just want you to listen and don't really want to know what they should do.  Still its a habit and I give it only when I think its important)

•  Learning Guitar
   (Its been almost 6 years that I just dreamed about learning it and never came close to it.  Call it a workaholic’s hazard, tend to pay little attention to life outside work.  The close I came to play is an Air Guitar)

•  Travel to Cambodia
   (I am interested in seeing those ancient temples of Angkor Wat and learn about the history.  Hope to visit the place by next year)

P.S.:  So do you have any to do list to share?  BTW moved the Human Psyche series to the Freedom blog.  It took quite a time to post the third one.  Hope you like what you read.


V Rakesh said...

Wow! A lot of this figures in my to-do list too, with the plus of wanting to go to the Himalayas and Kashmir!


adreamygal said...

Wow..I never knew you were so much into this "work-a-holic' thngy ..But I hope your this to-do-list become blank soon ( I mean you finish these tasks soon :))

rohini said...

wah re...i had all this list during my schoolling....u still do it???Btw U have been tagged...http://rohinirojindar.blogspot.com/2010/04/seven-random-things.html

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

That's good to hear :)

I missed on going Kashmir :(, may be next time.

@ DreamyGal

Well, I too had no idea until I was given the freedom to do what I want and then after I realized I have responsibilities...

The Survivor said...

@ Rohini

The kind of deadlines that looms over my head, this actually happens to be my stress reliever :) Lucky you don't need one.

Thanks for the tag