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March 26, 2010

One Night Stand

“I am leaving now.  Take care”.  She said and left as Vinay saw her go away.  He was trying to recover from what had just happened.  The sheets partially covered his naked body as he sat on the bed.

It was one of those days when Vinay was partying with his friends when he saw her sitting alone at one of the corners of the bar, having a drink by herself.  He was mesmerized by her pretty cute face.  He left his friends behind and sat next to the girl; ordered the same drink she was having.

They started talking, one thing led to another and then he found himself making love to her.  They often meet and ended up wounding in the bed.

Today happened to be their sixth meeting.  Soon after their act reached the climax, the girl looked at Vinay and told him “I think its time we stop seeing each other”.  “Why was I not good enough?”  He said jokingly.  “I am serious.  I am going to get married  in three weeks and we need to stop seeing each other from now onwards”

“Marriage.  You are getting married?  When were you planning to tell me?” He asked.  “Now” she replied.  “What about us?”  “There was never an ‘us’.  You and I both know why we were in this” she said as she got up and started getting dressed.

“You mean, you never had any feelings for me?”  he asked her as she combed her hair in front of the mirror.  She looked at him and said “No never though I had a wonderful time with you” with a smile on her face.

She kissed him on his lips for the last time and said “I am leaving now.  Take care” and left.  Vinay sat on the bed dejected.  The only thing he was left with was the feeling of being used…


Indian Pundit said...

Nice short story.

"Today happened to be their sixth meeting"
Title should have been "Six Nights Stand" Lol.

"The only thing he was left with was the feeling of being used

He cannot blame anyone....only himself.

Cheers.Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

gud one .. specially the phrase ... " was the feeling of being used"

Anonymous said...

but do u think men really feel that way ..?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..nicely written ..you could have dragged on this , but you kept it short ! Thats nice !

V Rakesh said...

Very well written - the message is loud and clear!

Anonymous said...

One generally hears of girls feeling this way.

rohini said...

nice post, man getting this feeling this time....topsy-turvy

Winnie the poohi said...

So would you ever do a one night stand?

Anonymous said...

Interesting...Specially since it came from a guy's point of view...Your posts are a little different now...Nice. :)

Shas said...

I agree with India Pundit...it should have been Sixth instead of One.
Well even Vinay enjoyed the whole experience so why should he feel used. Both of them used each-other or one can say that it was a mutual decision to be with each-other with no hangups. Jus becoz she pulled the plug even before he could or before he got bored of her, shouldn't make him feel used. If he really loved her or wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he could have proposed to her before she left.

blunt edges said...

when u pick girls from the bar, u shouldn't be expecting a 'relationship'!

The Survivor said...

@ Indian Pundit

Welcome to the den of the Tall Guy

Well, it all started with the One Night Stand :)

Thanks Mate.

@ Ravali

Thanks :)

Most men don't think that way but emotions have a way of messing things up.

The Survivor said...

@ DreamyGal

I have allergy to longer stories both reading & writing.

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate, you said it all :)

The Survivor said...


I guess times are changing.

@ Rohini


The Survivor said...

@ Winnie

Hit the nail on the head

No, I wont. Though the idea is appealing, in reality it doesn't always ends up right.

@ Choco

Wrote a lot of fiction :)

Hope you meant that in a good way.

The Survivor said...

@ Shas

Without the First Night, rest of them wont have happened.

It happened so soon that it hardly gave him the time to react. As he was the one who got dumped, his feelings reflect that.

Men also have emotions though they might not admit that.

P.S. Your the only one to ask the relevant question :)

@ Blunt Edges

Well, he did see it coming to an end.