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February 13, 2010


“I won’t be able to make it” Vikram said.  “Why not?” she asked.  “The flights are all booked and I will now have to book flight for tomorrow.  I’ll give you a call on when I will be arriving.  Love you” he said disconnecting the phone.

Avani got disheartened hearing the news as she kept the phone down.  She was making plans of spending the evening in a romantic candle light dinner.  Knowing that he won’t be around left her sad.

It was seven in the evening when the doorbell rang.  On opening the door she found the delivery boy standing with a bouquet of flowers with an envelope attached to it.  The bouquet was full of carnations and colorful daisy flowers which were her favourite.  She took the envelope in her hand which was addressed to her.  She opened it and found a letter which she began reading.

Dear Avani,

I remember the day when I first met you.  You had me mesmerized with your pretty face.  You were not sure of me, if I was the one, as you kept asking all the questions.  While I watched myself falling for you every time you spoke.  I kept praying; for you to say yes and when you did I considered myself the luckiest man in the world.

The morning starts with you waking me up when I don’t want to.  I miss you at work when the load gets heavy, cannot wait to be with you.  You scold me when you catch me picking up my nose.  Make me cry when you force me to watch ‘saas-bahu’ serials instead of cricket match.  Going shopping makes you so happy but leaves my feet sore.  When you speak I listen and when I speak, you doze off.  You taught me cooking so I could work on holidays in the kitchen while you take the day off.  You cook so better, but don’t talk about it in front of Mom please.

Watching you sleeping beside me, I pinch myself to make sure this is not a dream.  Your eyes reflect your innocence and your smile makes me nuts.  I love holding your hand in mine as we stroll across the beach.  Have silly fights and then making up to each other.  I love your innocence and the goodness that lies in your heart.   My world is empty without you. My heart beats for you.  I love you and want you to know that “You Complete Me”

Yours Loving Husband,


Reading the letter, her face expression changed from curious, amused to breaking in a smile.  “He knew. He knew” is what she could think of as she picked up the phone and dialed the number.  “You knew” she said before he could say anything. “Let’s talk later. I am busy right now” he said and disconnected the phone leaving Avani in a confused state.

Before she could react, the doorbell rang and as she opened the door she saw Vikram standing at the door.  Seeing her amused look he said “You were saying” She got the wind of what was going on “You knew and you still pretended” as she hit his chest with her fist and he embraced her into his arms bringing her closer to him.  “How could I have forget?” he said as they looked at each other and she kissed him.

“You better change or we will be late” he said.  “Late for what” she asked. “Dinner.  I have made reservations at Orchid. One more thing; Happy Wedding Anniversary Wife”  “Happy Wedding Anniversary Husband” as they locked their lips for one more time.

P.S.: This turned out to be a pretty long one.  Wishing everyone a Valentine's day and hope they cherish the love they receive.  Spread the message of love :)


V Rakesh said...

My song is love, is love

-- X & Y, Coldplay

Reminded me of that ;)

Rajesh said...

Happy Valentines day.
Beautiful, it kept me engrossed till the end.

blunt edges said...

very very sweet :)

Adisha said...

Long is good, when it's sooo sweet... Happy Valentine's day !!

Anonymous said...

valentine day ! :) gud one there .

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate

@ Rajesh

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks Mate

The Survivor said...

@ Blunt Edges

Well that not how I intended it to be :)

@ Adisha

Glad you like that. Wish you a Happy Valentine too.

The Survivor said...

@ Ravail

Thank You. Good to see you back here.

Anonymous said...

Very cute story :) loved readin it ! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute story :) Loved it !!!!:)

Shas said...

Though the plot was a bit predictable still i enjoyed reading it. Nothing like reading these sweet love stories with happy endings.

The Survivor said...

@ Dreamygal

Glad you like it :)

@ Shas

Thanks except that I did not expect them to be sweet :)

Winnie the poohi said...

oh my!!! total mush from you!! :D :D someone is getting ready to be married :P

The Survivor said...

@ Meenu

Yeah, even I did not expected that. Marriage is not on the cards for a few years now :)