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January 21, 2010

College Crush

He looked at the invite and was not sure whether he would go or not.  He wondered if she would be there too. It was five years since graduation and still Janak remembered her.

Seems like yesterday when he saw her in the third year of college in one of the classes he attended. She was seated one bench ahead and asking her neighbor who was roll no. 21 and it did came as a surprise to him when he heard her saying his roll no.  He never got to ask why as he would often catch a glimpse of her like once in a blue moon day.

He never realized when he had fallen for her.  He would often attend classes for her but she was never around.  He did found out her name but never got the opportunity to talk to her.  Time passed and the day of graduation was getting near.

Then one day as Janak collected his hall ticket from the administrative office and turned around, he saw her.  She was standing at the door, with the rays of sun falling on her making her look just perfect.  His heart beat got faster and hands went cold.  Not knowing what to do, he gave her a big smile and she too smiled back.  He just stood there as the distance between them narrowed down.

That was the last time he had seen her. As he came out of the memory lane, he had made up his mind.  He decided to go for the college reunion in the hope of meeting her again and this time taking a step forward.


V Rakesh said...

Wow! Is this a real life instance?

very well written!

Anonymous said...

You can't end such an interesting story like this!! What happened after that... ? Did they live happily ever after? I guess you have implied that... loved it :)

Anonymous said...

blend of simple thoughts .. fantastic esscence of writing .. :)

blunt edges said...

i sure as hell hope he met her there! :)

Shanu said...

Aare aage kya hua??

Rashmi said...

what happens next?

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

Yeah its 50 percent true and the rest made up.

Thanks Mate


I have left that to the reader's interpretation :)

The Survivor said...

@ Ravali

Thanks for your kind words :)

@ Blunt Edges

I hope too :)

The Survivor said...

@ Shanu, Rashmi

I have left that to your interpretation on what you think should happen next.

So what happens next? :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

nice :)
its like 55fiction!

Adisha said...

that's a nice piece

The Survivor said...

@ Harini

You could say that. Thanks.

@ Adisha

Thank You.

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ The Survivor

I'm simply a huge fan of love stories...and to be anything as the ending, happy or sad. I just love themmm...and you this post is simply awesome. It was short yet sweet and verymuch to visilize and feel the leaning emotions. Only request...make it happen the cont. version...curiously waiting for you imagination to fly.

Perhaps, glad that u visited my blog HUMMING TODAY and left with your blog link-back in the comment section. I would have missed out completely the wonderful story and very capturing blog. I liked your pervious posts too. U are definitely something...need to follow:)

~Keep the spark Alive..

The Survivor said...

@ Rachana

Welcome to LIFE

I would like to keep it this way so that one can come to the conclusion in their own way :)

Thanks for your worthy praise.

Winnie the poohi said...

So mr roll no 21 :P did u meet her at the reunion?

The Survivor said...

@ Meenu

Like I said partly true and partly fiction so they never met again is what I can say