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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

December 26, 2009


Note:  This post can be a bit boring.  So if you want to quit, do it now.  Do check the last lines before getting out of here.

It is so strange that even though the blog title refers to life, not a single post has been written on life.  Today, I am going to write one.

Observing life and experiencing it has taught me so much that I think, I can become a philosopher or a motivational speaker.

My personal favorite is of becoming a saint.

Life has always intrigued me.  My own and other people lives too.  I always wondered what it meant.

Childhood is one of the best stages of life.  As a child, everything we do evokes joy and no amounts of punishment takes away that mischievous smile from our face.  No wonder we all want to be a child again.

Being a curious child, I always asked questions (like the Paresh Rawal from Judaai) and sometimes answer question with a question.  What bothers us most are the questions of which answers we cannot find.  Then there are times when we ask the wrong questions.  Only time will provide us with an answer if there is one.

As we grow up, we realize that life is not all about having fun, it does have its share of suffering too.  We suffer from our own negative thoughts, our needs and wants, from others and the society.

Everything that we want comes down to a choice that in itself  is not easy to make.  A choice in living the life we want or let others dictate.  Choice between freedom & responsibility.

We all have our little desires of what we want in life.  It fills us with a sense of accomplishment & joy when we do achieve it.  Then its time to wish for a new desire and make it happen.

Fear at times makes us do things that we regret later.  This happens when we are uncertain/desperate about achieving our goals.

We fear when we are not prepared, not willing to accept decisions that go against us.

Not everyone dreams comes true plunging them into the dark or take the lonely path in search of their own self where they would rise again from the ashes.

If things don’t work out we term it as failure.  The reality is sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but calling it failure is a mistake.  We fail to see what we have learned.  Failures are practice shots for success.

Life is about what you make out of it.  The hard part of life is accepting the truth which comes in many forms and the easy part is to live life like there is no tomorrow.

I have realized that life is not a mystery, we are.  We come to know more about ourselves as we move ahead.  We live an adventurous life but seldom do we realize that.

In the end what matters is the journey and not the destination…..

Last Lines:  Wishing you all a belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year :)


Dr Supriya said...

Hmmm.. Life has its lessons too.. Some gud some bad.. Well.. Merry xmas.. And a happy new year..

V Rakesh said...

What a wonderful lot of messages for life! Truly appreciate your thoughts!

Wishing you a very happy new year!

The Survivor said...

@ Dr. Supriya

Agree on that. Thanks a lot. Hope the new year brings a lot of happiness to you.

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate. Wish you a Happy New Year will full of happiness.

blunt edges said...

interesting...guess u are quite an introspective person!

btw happy new year :D

The Survivor said...

Yeah, I suffer from that time to time :)

Thanks Mate, Wish you a Happy New Year too

Rashmi said...

Wish u a very happy 2010

The Survivor said...

@ Rashmi

Thanks. Wish you a Happy 2010 too full of happiness and joy.

Winnie the poohi said...

Yoou wanna be a saint? why? that way u wud hardly exp life.. life as it with all its beauty abd ups n downs

The Survivor said...

@ Meenu

That's something that keeps coming on my mind :)