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November 29, 2009

Looking Out

People walking down the road, vehicles passing by was the view Shimir saw outside his window.

The calmness on his face hid the turmoil from within. For a moment being isolated from the world into his own gave him the sense of tranquility that he was trying hard to seek.

The calling of his name brought him back to the reality. He turned around and started pushing his wheel chair forward...

P.S.: In case you are wondering why a lot of fiction lately, its because I have not been able to jot my thoughts in a better way. Hope that changes. I have also created a new social blog called Freedom Expression (do check it out) and am experimenting with Twitter too :)


Rashmi said...

nice change from your usual non fiction... though i like non fiction better :)

how have u been?

blunt edges said...

the painting is urs too?

Chriz said...

lovely..you weaved this one very well

The Survivor said...

@ Rashmi

Its just temporary :).

Sorting out life, how about you? Thanks for dropping by.

@ Blunt Edges

Welcome to LIFE

Nopes, its not

The Survivor said...

@ Chriz

Thanks Mate.

Grayquill said...

Okay - I didn't understand your answer to Mr. Blunt - did you do the painting or not?
Okay fiction good - twitter bad - social blog - no determination at this time - I'll get back to you on the subjet after I check it out.

Sunil said...

Hey, But you are really good at fiction writing.
M just moved by the story.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Indian Home Maker said...

I feel fiction works better at conveying a message.. but I am no good at it :(

I find twitter fabulous... I also joined facebook recently as Bhartiya Grihanee :)

Winnie the poohi said...

Me likey :D Soon you will write 55 fictions too ? :D

The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill


Thanks for dropping by.

@ Sunil

I am? Thanks Mate.

The Survivor said...


Yeah, it sure does.

I hope so.

@ Winnie

Thanks :)

I guess I am doing that :) (Don't really know 55 fiction rules)

Deepali said...

I honestly dislike Twitter. In my opinion it's more a broadcasting channel rather than a communication/conversation channel.

Visiting after long...how you been?

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

Good to see you back here

I guess that's true but in a way also initiates conversations.

Doing fine, how about you?

Deepali said...

I'm doing good too...started working again so just very busy these days.

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

Congrats on that. Hope that wont mean you would disappear from Blogosphere :)

Deepali said...

Haha thats impossible. I am totally addicted to the blogoshphere...but yup you might see me around less often :( some thing will always take a back seat when you have too much going on