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October 6, 2009

Am I Fat?

“Am I looking fat” she asked as she kept looking in the mirror and then looked towards her mother. The mother gave her a glance and said “You are looking fine”

“You never say anything right” she said and went inside to try another of her dresses to see if they make her look fat.

Came out like she was doing a ramp walk and again the same question, the answer no different than the earlier one. “Why does she say I am looking fat?” “At least I am not fat as he is, look at his bloating stomach and his ass looks bigger than mine”

I found myself at the center stage and was puzzled with the attention. I kept quiet as I did not mind them and that should have put an end to the debate.

That was not meant to be...

Few days later a cousin dropped by and all the girly talk began. I kept listening as I had nothing better to do. I lost track of the conversation when I was talking with my aunt and then I heard the same game being played “No, you are fat, look at you” as they talked and giggled. Then it happen.

“Look how fat he has become” one of them said as their eyes went scanning each part of my body and then zeroed on my stomach. “Yeah his tummy is coming out like a pregnant lady” they said and laughed again.

I maintained a stoic silence on my physical changes and decided to get even by talking about how fat she is going to become after marriage (I have seen that happen) and that she should watch out. I thought that would put an end.

But it just refuses to die down.

Weeks later, another sister came who had lost weight that she had put on and was flaunting that fact to her. Then she went on to tell her how fat she has become.

I was working on the computer when I heard this conversation taking place as it happens my name too was dragged in “who is the fattest” list. I realized that I was being used as a decoy so that she could feel that she is slimmer than someone, in this case me.

After that whenever the fat issue comes in, finger are pointed at me like I am a specimen in some lab of what happens when you gain weight.

I know my tummy has started to resemble a 2-3 month old pregnant lady but I am okay with it and don’t have any issues. People around me seem to make a big deal about it.

Just to remind you, I never asked the question but am still getting the answers that someone else should have…

Not the end of the story though; now even Mom has taken upon herself to tell me that I have become fat.

I don’t think this will end unless I lose some weight which I will anyway.

P.S. I know you must be giving your imagination a push but the truth is I could have explain them scientifically that if a tall man gains even a few pounds one tends to look fat.

Will they listen? Naaah…. (nor shall you I guess)

As for the tummy, it has become too lazy to go back to its original place. The least thing that I want is to end up like this.


Grayquill said...

Fat shmat -
Advantages of being a bit fat - if a faimine comes to the earth us fatter ones might do better than most. - something to think about.
When we buy a belt we we get more for our money.
In winter we stay warmmer than most.
Children find our bellies nice soft hugging points.
Sitting in a chair at just the right slouch we have a ready made cup holder.
Well that's all I got right now.
But never never answer the question, do I look fat? when asked by a women. No amount of fat will help the fool who answers that question.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Dont U worry - Just stay the way U wanna be!

The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill

Rightly said!!

@ Rakesh

I am not, but cant help notice how people drag others with them. :)

Sorcerer said...

stumbled across your blog..really nice blog you got
loved reading the posts

indianhomemaker said...

Not fair. I think we overdo this being skinny thing. So long a you are feeling fit and are active, I think you just shouldn't care. My bigger worry is always being active - sedentary life style is not healthy...

Shwetz said...

ROFL.. Awesome post. F A T is all in the mind. Be as u are. U Rock! Skinny people dont rock! :P They fall when shaken. ROFL

Sunil said...

hey, doesn't matter yaar....I've read somewhere that it's in genes of us Indians, so why worry? Even my tummy size is increasing exponentially. :D

Winnie the poohi said...

to much beer i guess ;)

I like the answer og grayquill! makes me feel gr8.. since am also battling with fatness :(

P.:S You can also post your pic.. so that we can decide if you r fat or not :P

The Survivor said...

@ Sorcerer

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks for kind words!


I don't think so :)
I agree with that

The Survivor said...

@ Shwetz

Thanks Gal

@ Sunil

I am not, just putting a satirical view on the issue.

The Survivor said...

@ Winnie

You are in for disappointment, I don't drink.

May be someday in the future :D,

Shruti said...

Survivor: Well, obesity is a bad thing. healthwise. If u are showing signs, do something.
When I see people who are generously overweight, I wonder why they don't do something about it. Its as if they hate themselves too much to care!

The Survivor said...

@ Shruti

Very true!!

Ashley said...

ROFL! Blog hopped my way here and loved this post!

Have a friend who goes "Am I fatter than A,B,C...?" So irritating that can be! I think everyone has an ideal weight as per their body type and that is what they must strive to achieve, to stay healthy...

That said a paunch never does anyone any good! :p


The Survivor said...

@ Ashley

Welcome to LIFE

Tell me about it.

Yeah I know, working on that :)