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July 15, 2009

Tales of A Tall Guy

Everyone has high expectations from the tall guy as he walks on the streets people keep looking up to him, which makes him happy from inside.

He is always susceptible to head injuries especially when he is getting down from the BEST buses (of which he got hit many times) and also while entering & exiting his building premises. The tall guy can also hurt himself when he enters houses with lower ceilings and the fan is going in circles and has to make sure that he does not raise his hands.

The tall guy is very easy to find when the meeting point is in crowded places. All one has to do is look up and there he is standing tall. He also has no difficulty in finding people in such crowds. The tall guy is smiling now.

The world is not kind to him as he has to struggle with his day to day routines be it with chairs which are shorter than his knee length, has to cramp his legs when in the backseat of cars and also been used as a height measuring scale for others.

Come rain or shine, the weather always plays tyrant with him. The sun rays often find its way to fall on him making him sweat, while others stand behind as if he is a big tree providing shade. During the rains, no matter what the tall guy carries to protect himself from the rains, he always finds his pants wet. Being tall helped him during the day when Bombay was flooded; the water was up to his waist height!!

The tall guy struggles to find a girl who is taller as he is. All he could see is pretty faces in small sizes :( Finds hard to maintain relationships with them as they keep looking up to him and he keeps looking down causing a sprain in his neck. Should he carry a small stool with him when he goes on the date next time? He is wondering what couple would they resemble when he gets married, the Amitabh-Jaya or Abhishek-Aishwarya?

People keep asking the tall guy about his secrets of him being so tall. All he would say is that it is in his genes :)

He would always find people trying to bring him down to their levels when he visits the hair saloon and has to lower himself in the chair. He even finds people trying to reach his level when they try to keep their arm on his shoulders.

He has a hard time finding variety for his shoes as getting shoes of his size are not available everywhere.

The tall guy always stands out, be it a group photo, meeting or get together. Even his attempts to hide himself to take a small nap or work on the small drawing etched on his notepad fails miserably. At times he finds others trying to hide behind his back but he has nowhere to go :(

Even the bed in which he sleeps is small, his feet keeps dangling out.....


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! This post was awesome:)
"been used as a height measuring scale for others"-really!!!
I have a suspicion...You are not by any chance a tall guy are you? All that deep insight on really tall guys.....:P

Shwetz said...


Okay okay I get it. I understand what it means to be tall. I have a hell lot cousins who are quite tall and watching them trying to avoid bumps and bangs is fun! I bet they gonna lose their posture this way and u seem in the process! :P

Beware of the fan up there! :D

Grayquill said...

The fan, don't raise your hands. Ouch! I felt pain as you described it. And the bed - hey they come in extra long unless of course the tall guy is excessively tall. I have known a couple of tall guys 6'6" plus. I have heard the same problems from them - it isn't all great! Sorry!

Adisha said...

:) The trials and tribulations of the Tall Guy :) I could imagine it all in my head as I read it through :) Very nicely done ... Are u the tall guy ??

d gypsy! said...

"He is always susceptible to head injuries especially when he is getting down from the BEST buses (of which he got hit many times) and also while entering & exiting his building premises"

true...having a gud height, i suffer from the same esp in buses in simla..u know the mini buses kind..usually i get my head banged

and agreed on the cramps in legs part too..sometimes the space is so tight... and u cant really fir ur legs in...

hilarious post, least for me

thanks for droppin by the blog...

Chriz said...

hahaha.. now i am happy that i am short

Deepali said...

You do realize that short guys can write a post just like this.

Can't say 'I feel your pain' cause I'm very short but I blame it on my genes too ;)

Sometimes average is good...society should realize that :D

Shruti said...

aww poor tall gut.. its always better to be normal :-S

why is he looking for a taller girl?? taller as in.. taller than him, or taller than other girls? hehe

Viji said...

haha... fantastic post.

Glad that I stopped by. For once I am elated that I am 5'2"...

Nice spot you have here.


The Survivor said...

@ Choco

Well's its true. Its like in my presence they come to know what their height is. Well I am :)

@ Shwetz

Thanks for the concern. You are right about the posture.

@ Grayquill

Welcome to LIFE

Well I am not that too tall either otherwise my problems would have been bigger :)

@ Adisha

Yes, that I am :)

@ Neha

I can understand the pain...

@ Chriz

I bet, you are glad that I wrote this post :))

@ Deepali

Look at you, so contend with your height.

That was my whole point :D

@ Shruti

Well I am!! So that he don't have to look down to her and yes that would be taller than other girls :D

@ Viji

Welcome to LIFE

That's what my intention was :)

Thanks for dropping by.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

lol i completely agree... im pretty tall too and my feet dangle out of my bed if i dont sleep properly :P but im not that that very tall but just taller :P

The Survivor said...

@ Harini

Finally meeting someone tall :)

what would be your height?

sur said...

awww... this post is awesome and interesting. Humorous

But tall guys are lucky as they can breathe fresh air instead of getting lost and suffocate in the crowd. :P