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May 20, 2009

The Old Man

As I was growing up and was surrounded by problems, I wished there was someone who would listen and make me understand what I don’t.

I always had a picture in my mind of an old man in a park giving me advice on how to deal with one’s problems and teach me how to deal with it. Sadly it just remained a picture in my mind. The old man whom I was looking for never came.

The irony of asking someone to give you advice is that they will give you their take on the situation instead of telling how to deal with it.

I think the picture is a vision from the future where the old man is none other than me who is listening and making others understand about their situations while he has no one to listen to him as he sits alone on one of the benches in the park…


indianhomemaker said...

Lovely post.
Sweet but made me sad in the end.
Writing down our problems is better than asking someone for solutions The Survivor.
It really matters to old people they still feel valued and needed. Even if we do not follow it, it's nice to ask for and discuss their opinion...

Winnie the poohi said...

i agree :)

i wanted someone who wud make me think instead of lecturing me.. having said that.. i have a habit of lecturing too

Kido said...

That's a really nice thought :)

But I don't think you'll be alone :)

Chriz said...

i am gonna write a similar one soon..


Sushant said...

People take advice only from themselves and from rest of them its just words. It great that your future can give advice to your present. However being alone is not that bad.You sometimes need to be alone to listen to yourself..

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Interesting post.
I personally don't think there is anyone who can give us fool-proof solutions to deal with the googlies life tosses at us. As you mentioned, it is their perspective which may not be what is right for us. The answer, I think, always lies within us.
While I do enjoy spending time with older people, listening to them and helping them with their chores, I draw a line as far as inteference with my life goes. If suggestions are given, I listen but follow my own heart.

The Mad Moggies


Zainab Dhanji said...

With me, its always little things and happenings from which i acquire the message which then acts as an advice. I m not a peoples person anyway, so doesn't hurt much to not have an audience adressing me all the time.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great post! I agree with your thoughts!

Adisha said...

I can so emphasize with your feelings. I so used to imagine having someone elder who'd show me the ropes of life, but then finally it turned out that it's all There, I just need to figure it out !! And then usually for every situation, an angel graces me with their presence and magically everything made sense !! ...

That's why you'll always find me giving advice to others, willy nilly so that No one, atleast whom I know, has to face the same lost feelings that I once had !!


The Survivor said...


Thanks, making anyone sad was not the intention :)

@ Winnie

Yeah finding someone do that is a rarity. I include myself in that group :D

@ Kido

Welcome to LIFE

I too hope so :))

@ Chriz

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks Mate

@ Sushant

Welcome to LIFE

I even do that in the present.

Yeah, that's true but sometimes you need someone around to listen to your thoughts too...

@ Mad Alpha Moggie

I quite agree but then nobody is taught to deal with them in the right perspective so even when things go wrong they don't lose hope!!

@ Zainab

Yeah, I know about that do read the following link if you have the time.


@ Rakesh

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks Mate

@ Adisha

You sound like me :D

Coz that's what I do too...

Choco said...

This was such a lovely post. Got me thinking.
I don't know why but I kept getting the feeling that you have a memory of your guardian angel who is watching over you and wants you to listen to your own inner voice. :)

Sophiagurl said...

Hi thank you for dropping by my blog. I love this post of yours, I cannot count the number of times that I wished there was an old man or woman who would give me advices like that too.

Although mom and dad are are both still there...sometimes i still wish for someone to take the wheel and say...move over I'm driving now.

Hope to see you back in my place soon.

The Survivor said...

@ Choco

Well I am not sure about that, but I do keep listening to my inner voice.

@ Sophiagurl

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks and I thought I was the only one to think like that :)

Grayquill said...

I think you for sure could become that person.
My brother use to do just that - find an older person and ask if he could sit next to him. Then start asking him all kinds of questions.
It happens...

The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill

I was in search of that person. I guess I will be

Old people have good advice to give!!