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April 16, 2009

Waiting For An Invite

I wondered whether I was wrong in telling my friend that we will go only after he sends an invite. My friend said to me that friendship is above all that and does not need an invite. It made sense but still it did not.

Today the society has changed so much that without an invitation we hardly go anywhere even if the person is closer to us. If the person does not send out the invites to you, you hold it against them and make sure that even you do the same when you organize any events.

One of my friends was getting married and we were awaiting his invite which he said he will send or mail it. The day to his marriage was getting closer and there was no sign of the invitation.

My friend said that we need to gift him too; I agreed but said we will do that only after we received the invite. It was not like I wanted a formal invitation but he should communicate to us if he wants us to be there.

Let’s call him up and ask him when he is sending the invite (after all one cannot attend a wedding without the address of the venue) he said. I told him not to do such a foolish thing as we will be looking desperate. To come, think of it, I still did not know why my friends thought he won’t or how we got into this discussion.

My friend came out defending him saying he might be busy, there are so many things that one has to look after all, he was the only child and he was organizing everything. I agreed but if he can find time to invite his relatives, he will find time too invite us too I reasoned.

Surprisingly, that friend of mine called up and asked for certain details and then disconnected the line. I could understand his situation and still I was waiting to hear from him again.

My friends went ahead and called him up and even asked him when he was sending the invite. He said he will do it the next day (my guess). Two days passed and there was no sign of that invitation.

On an early Sunday morning, I (and others too) got an SMS which had the wedding venue address and he also said that he had mailed us the invite which was a relief. There were hardly a few days left and still we were undecided on the gift.

I downloaded the invite and opened it which brought a smile to my face. It read PRESENTS IN BLESSINGS ONLY :DD

Everything ended in a good note, but still I found myself thinking about it…

P.S.: We are still planning to gift him when we meet the next time. If you have any ideas what could be gifted, do let me know :)


Winnie the poohi said...

Paintings and any nice sculpture or anything to decorate the house.. since they will be starting a new family.. this is the best possible gift!

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Thanks Winnie. I will do have a look at them.

Anonymous said...

Lolz. I can identify with so many of your posts!
This has happened to me too. The friend sensing that I might mind, dropped the invite in my dad's workplace two days prior to the occasion. My dad never liked her much so she must've thought...i don't know wht the hell she was thinking!

Yogesh said...

@ Choco

Welcome to LIFE!!

Thanks :),

I guess the chaos during such occasions causes such situations..