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April 8, 2009

Can Money Buy Love?

A girl who got a marriage proposal wherein the boy said “yes” to her even though he was aware of her not being normal like us.

She had developed a disability which could have been rectified but her family did very little to do anything about it even though they had the resources to fix it.

Today she has come of a marriageable age and her family is desperately trying to settle her. They won’t mind if the “groom” does not even belong to their status and are willing to settle down the boy if he agrees.

When the guy said yes, her family was happy but there was a question about his intentions. Did he agree because she was rich and he was not or that he will get a better place to live instead of the small chawl that he lives in with his family? What is the guarantee that the boy will look after her and not be ashamed of her disability? Will the girl be able to adjust as she has always been pampered and got everything what she wants?

Should the girl pay with her life for her family’s ignorance if things don’t work they should have?
Should she succumb to the family pressure and say yes as it is difficult to find grooms for her? Will money buy the love that she was looking for…


Winnie the poohi said...

*sigh* answer to this question is not that simple.. one has to find one for oneself!

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

I agree

Indian Home Maker said...

I agree with Winnie.
Maybe if she meets the guy and gets to know him - there is no harm in this being a give and take, mutually beneficial contract, but marriage has so much emotion and commitment attached, they better like each other.
Her parents don't think there is happiness to found even if she does not marry? If she is financially self reliant, she could adopt two kids and live a very fulfilling life, and if she does meet someone nice marry him.... just randomly thinking...

But such marriages do work too. If everybody is happy in the end, no harm in it.

Yogesh said...


Yes I know, but if the ones getting married have doubts about them, then the success of the marriage is very less!!