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March 11, 2009

Thinking of Getting a Pet

These days I am thinking of getting a pet. Though I am being opposed by everyone in the family, still I think we should have one.

For a pet I would like to raise a Tiger, a white tiger, I like tigers a lot and would love to have them as pets. The problem is I live in the urban jungle where we don't have enough space for the man himself forget about catering the needs of the animal and also provide protection to myself and others.

I cannot have dog as a pet as Amma does not approves of it. She think it will make the whole place dirty. I am not sure how the two of them would live when I leave the house for work.

I thought of keeping birds, but again she disapproves of it and says that she will open the cage and let them free. She is of the opinion that birds should not be caged and I agree with that. I could have easily had a squirrel as my pet who barged into our home in search for food but yet again I had to let it go.

After a lot of thinking I have narrowed it down to a cat which should be easy to look after and should not cause much trouble. I have also learned that cats unlike dogs needs less attention and can be toilet-trained easily. I am still looking into the prospects of the pros and cons of having a pet and how to take care of it and yes finding a place from where I can bring it home.


Winnie the poohi said...

Oh i love both cats and dogs! If you want to have a dog have a smaller dog.. like pugs.. they are better adaptable for urban spaces .. dogs like lab n german Sheppard needs a lot of space

Winnie the poohi said...

My family were against having pets too.. but i bought my sweety... nevertheless and now she is spoiled rotten by everyone :D

Shwetz said...

Thats cute.

I dunt have actual pets, but I have these pigeons regularly laying eggs and then the squabs entering this world from corner of my balcony :D

Initially they use to dirty the place and then I had to handle my frustrated mum :D But now the pigeons seem to have learned a lot. The place is 85% cleaner than before. :D

PS: Squabs are the cutest babies I've everrrr seen.

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

I'll stick with Cats, will remind me of tigers that I wanted to pet.

You know back at my native place, I used to have three dogs of different breeds. I miss them a lot.

@ Shwetz

Yeah, the flower pots at my place too were used as maternity wards.

Never saw them grow as they were taken away by crows.

Deepali said...

I use to have a cat long ago. They are much easier to take care of for sure. Only we had picked her up from the street (she seemed to be orphaned) and had let her be in the building compound for a bunch of days till we got her home. I guess she got used to moving around and so she use to jump all around and go to the neighbours house and stuff. Eventually we had to give her away. So you will only have to take care of that I guess. Also no matter how well fed your cat might be he/she will still try and chase birds and insects. Our cat killed a pigeon once on our terrace.

But cats can be a lot of fun too. They don't play fetch but they do chase hehe.

Yogesh said...

@ Deepali

Cat belongs to the hunter family so it has a natural instinct to hunt.

Guess you had a great time playing with your cat.