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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

March 25, 2009


“We are always aware of the solutions to our problems
The sooner you act on it, the problem cease to exist
The more you delay, the bigger the problem gets”


Sunil said...

Very true.
In there lies the problem, In there lies the solution.
Have a nice day!

Winnie the poohi said...

Very true and yet we wish the problem go away by umm ignoring it :D

Indian Home Maker said...

Very true! I agree.
Even if not the exact solution, deep down we do know what to do, but we delay doing anything.

Also shows how much can be said in one simple sentence :)

sadaf said...

very true...u ignore the problem but the problem will neva ignore u unless u solve it...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Thats precisely it! Unfortunately we wait for our problems to compound and feel that we are powerless!

Shwetha said...

We tend to avoid the problem assuming it'll be solved on its own, but it just gets piled up and one day we have to bear its consequences. Problems exist to make us aware of ourselves and gain control over ourselves.

Without problems life would have been like 'dal' without salt, college without fests and girls without guys.. lolz

Yogesh said...

@ all

Thank you for your comments.

@ Shweta

Very True. Buddha says that suffering is a part of your life, accept it and free yourself.