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March 2, 2009

Love is Blind!!!

This is very true if you are judging a couple on their physical exterior and wonder what made them fall in love in the first place.

I have seen a few love stories and it did made wonder what were they thinking, so Love is indeed blind for you if you are judging someone you don't know.

Here is a gist of a few love stories that made me wonder:

The Patel Dude

This guy was handling a team in which three girls were working. There is a square in this love story. He had proposed to a girl in his team who turned him down. Disappointed by the fact that he got rejected he happened to have proposed to another girl in the same team just a few days after. Later the news came that the girl said yes and they were both getting married.

Many tried to speak to him, stop him from making a mistake. They called him mad too. The reason, the girl happened to have a darker complexion and cannot be said good looking in terms of looks. This Patel guy on the other hand was good looking, fair and could have easily got any gal in his own community which have a lot of pretty faces.

Regarding the square in the love story, the third girl had feelings for him, when she got to know about all this, she choose to go for an internal transfer.

He did not listen and got married to her. Everybody thought they would be going separate ways but they are still going strong and have become parents too. I don't know their secret but they truly break the shackles of the society which discourages such union.

Does Size Matters?

This guy joined the organization as an associate and eventually landed up with a plump role in the company. He was smart, had a way with words and the ability to convince you and a visionary.

He was often seen with a girl from his associate days. After a few years both got married. What surprises many is that the fellow could have got a good looking girl who has charmed many with his personality.

The twist in the tale is that he was a little obese and fair. The girl too belonged to the same weight category and had a dark complexion. There are many stories doing the round on what might be the reason behind this, but nobody knows the secret of their successful marriage.

It is hard to believe such stories unless you see them happen. They break your perceptions of the "perfect couple".


Shwetz said...

I believe many fail to understand the concept behind 'the-perfect-couple' and 'beauty'. Looks take a backseat when it comes to tying a knot. A few have realized that 'looks' fade..but the 'real-you' doesn't.

Whereas beauty is considered, a beautiful soul is more appreciated than a beautiful face.

.. And when you Love someone, that 'someone' is the most beautiful/handsome person in this world. :)

Sunil said...

Beauty fades in few days....You need some chemistry to go on.....!!!

Have a nice day dear!

Yogesh said...

@ Shwetz

Very True!!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

@ Sunil

True, but its the beauty that gets our attention first.