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March 10, 2009

Listening to Myself

These days I am having fun listening to my voice with the help of my cellphone. It has a voice record feature which I have never used in 3 years.

The first time I used it to record my singing. I am more than a bathroom singer, singing whenever in the mood. It is another matter that I don't happen to know more than 2 lines of any songs.

When I heard myself, I could not believe what I was hearing. It shattered all my dreams of becoming a singer :P

I was like how can this happen when I thought I had a good voice. I do have a deep voice. My manager once told me that she liked my voice which was different from others. Many have told me about that but it never got to me. Few even went ahead and mimicked me, I went a step further mimicked others mimicking me :D

I have a very bad habit of saying "aaaaaa" especially when someone questions me and I have to think and answer. Still I am better than Venkatesh Prasad the Indian bowling coaching who say few words in between a lot of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.

I think it is a good way of working on your voice, finding out how others hear you out and improving on it. I am working on my aaaas lets hope I reduced the numbers when I speak.

P.S. I was thinking of posting my singing audio file so that you could judge how I sound but changed my mind as I did not wanted to do atyachar on you and stop paying a visit to me :)


Shwetz said...

aaaa...LOLZ ! ;)

come on, atyachaar has become a daily routine :D

If you like singing, sing as if no one is listening.. your voice, your throat.. ya sirf ears dusroka hai :P

Yogesh said...

This would have been with a higher beat :D

Thats what I do, now people approach me to record my voice so they could scare the birds and other animals away :P