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March 20, 2009

Cleaning Up The Mess

I finally got the time in my hand to clean up my cabinet which looked more like a junkyard than a cabinet to keep my things.

As I got into organizing it better, it came to my notice that I hardly use any of the items, books that I have still with me.

I still have those Taxation handouts that I got from the classes during my final year in college. Hoping that it might help in understanding paying taxes, which I pay now.

Got one of the corners filled up with computer programming books which I hardly touched. I have no expertise in programming but if MS office is giving you a trouble, then do let me know especially advanced MS Word, I can teach a thing or two. The capabilities of these applications are amazing.

I also happen to have a collection of dairies that my Dad used to get which I keep with the books that I have. One of them being "Oliver Twist" that I got from the school library. I have tried reading it so many times, but the language just kills the joy for reading for me. Apparently the writing was in ancient Queen English (Shakespeare, my guess).

I have a bundle of newspapers articles regarding finance and interiors which would be helpful when dealing with finances. They have good articles in it. I hardly ever take them out.

This happens to be my natural coconut shaped piggy bank. I have a thing of collecting unusual items which catches my fancy and this happens to be one of them. One day while breaking a coconut Amma found this inside. I decided to keep it and make a better use of it. A piggy bank that I have hardly ever used.

This happens to be a first page of a newspaper published at the time of independence and reprinted when India completed 50 years of independence. I found it good enough to keep it with me.

I don't throw anything even if it becomes useless, I keep them with me hoping to make something out of them. I have everything from wood to the card boards even the plastics that you find when you buy new clothes. The only problem is that I don't find the time to make something out of this.

The funny thing is when I was done with cleaning up my cabinet, it looked the same as it was earlier.


Winnie the poohi said...

LOL! you are like my mom! She used to keep every scrap of cloth and wool and cardboard etc etc.. and cleaning with her wud be a veritable treasure hunt and she never had time to do things that she planned :D

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Found a daughter that I never had :D

Yup, in these urban jungle these little treasure do bring back lot of forgotten memories.

Now, does that not sound good?