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February 20, 2009

Similar Faces, Similiar Features?

Have you ever come across a face you thought looked similar to someone but they were not the one you thought them to be. Ever wondered how two totally different people can have the same facial features and yet they are not related.

It is said that there are seven different people who look similar to you. Somehow I did found similar faces to people that I know that made me wonder if what is said truly exists.

Every celebrity has a look-a-like who shares some feature with them. I do wonder if this is just restricted to just facial features or is there something more to it.

We happen to have certain points across our face which determines our facial appearance. The twins probably comes close to this phenomenon as they share the same genes, but what about people who are not connected by genes and end up looking like a carbon copy of someone.

The thought came to me when I started seeing look-a-like of people I know. I am not sure if science has got this figured out, but it did made me curious how two people who are living in different parts of the world and still end up looking similar. Does God have limited set of faces that he can give to his children (humans), that at the end some of us looking similar?

I have a tendency to observe people, sometimes they are so uncannily similar that they also tend behave in a similar manner. I am totally amazed how that could be possible. I have a colleague of mine who talks very politely and seems to have a high EQ. It was in one of those first official society meeting that I attended (which was quite a bore as I found myself lost in a group full of older men). There sitting on the rear end, I saw this uncle in the front row, who lives in our building having a similar face to my friend. What amazed me further was the mannerism he displayed. For a moment I really wondered if he is related to him. This was not the only case I came across, there was one another too.

I keep reading about studies being conducted on silly things. I think its time that someone did a study on this one and find whether there is more than meets to the eye……

Hope the next time when you come across some one similar you know, watch them carefully and do let me know if you agree with me or not.


Winnie the poohi said...

ofcourse if you track down the family tree they might be related :)

After all we call came from one pair of parents no?

be it adam n eve of brahma :)

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Now, I don't wish to hear that :D

Knowing any girl I fall for related to me does not sound good, yuck...