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February 20, 2009

Is God Communicating with Me?

That is the thought that comes to my mind when I find coming across something that I was thinking about.

Often it has happened that a thought pops up in my head and the next moment I see ads/banners/read text or hear something that would be related to it. Funnily, it does makes a point. I am not sure how it happens but it does.

Today, the same thing happened. I had this thought in my mind all day long and in the evening as I went through the papers again, I found this article which used the same words that were in my mind.

I am reminded of the incident when I was watching the movie "Yes Boss" with my family where Shahrukh's mom makes an appearance in the climax scene. At that very moment I blurted out "How did his Mom knew where they were?" and the very next moment Ashok Saraf appears on the screen and tells "I brought here her, I knew this question would be asked".

We often question about God existence and its presence. We never see him because we are so lost in our world that even if help arrives at the door, we don't open it as the door bell ringing is shunted by our trouble thoughts.

I guess God communicates in our way when we question or ponder over something. The only thing you have to do is notice it.


Winnie the poohi said...

Read Alchemist lately? :D

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Not really. I have not touched a book for a very long time now :(

Shwetha said...


I too believe GOD communicates with us through the 'question-answer' thing you mentioned. Some tag it as 'just-a-coincidence' whereas some as 'god's-reply'. But whatever be it, it has helped solve our problems. :)

Riya said...

Yeh.. It happens to me to sometimes.. Really god is a it guiding star..

my inner world said...

Happens this with me a lot.... one example: just happened a few days back... suddenly i thought that i havent watched a particular film since a long time and the next day when i was surfing the channels... i happened to watch the same movie !!! it is a kind of miracle... and as you said " one just need to notice such things"

great post !!! :)

Yogesh said...

@ Shwetha & Riya

Makes me wonder that at one point I was an atheist :))

@ Inner World

Thanks for the compliment and for paying a visit :)

Let me share that the same thing happened with this Oscar fever going on.

I often thought that instead of "Lagaan" "Chadni Bar" should have been the Indian entry to the Oscars.

I watched that movie on TV and it had me completely shaken out. Never before I found myself in such a position that made me so lost.

The movie was on, as the Oscar awards was out. I choose to pass as I have not forgot the way I felt, when I watched it for the first time. A must watch movie!!!