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February 24, 2009

Emotional Atyachar

Yesterday as I showed one of the shirts to my friend, he mentioned this kind of clothes is worn by one of the colleagues who used to work with us. That reminded me that I was trying his number a couple of days ago and then on his birthday and no one would pick up the phone.

Later as I mentioned this to my friend, he told me that his number got changed and he made a call to him. It definetly feels good to talk someone from the past. What made me more happy that he was doing good.

On the same day, I happened to call one of my colleagues who send the same SMS twice, with the only change in the second being that he has become an agent of one of the insurance companies.

Let me tell you the stories of three individuals:

The Low-Esteem Guy

A few years back, I remember telling my friend that I don't think that my first colleague (lets call him Ashu) would ever get a job else where. he was senior to me by a couple of months when I joined in. Though he was good to be around with. He was always picked on, even by the juniors so that they could have some fun. He suffered from low self esteem. I often find myself wondering what made him turn out like this.

Nothing would dampen his spirit though. As I moved in a different department, I heard stories that people were treating him badly. It did made me feel bad, but this is life, you have to learn to stand up to the world. Later he surprised everyone by quitting his job and joined another firm. No body including me expected that to happen.

Couple of months down the line, we talked and I came to know that he is having a good time. In fact he even went abroad. It is good to know that everything work out well for him.

The Silent Spectator

This guy (lets call him Ayaz) had a name from the training days itself. His score were low during the training, when he got a warning from the trainers that he would be removed from the batch unless his score meet the requirements. From then on there was a complete change in his scores, he scored much better than his earlier one.

Once on the floor, his silence stumped many. This guy thought a lot before answering to a simple question too. Giving him work required constant supervision as he had a tendency to goof up big time. The funniest part when at one time in the middle of the work, he was asked by the supervisor what he was doing and he did not remembered what he did.

He stood apart and others would pick on him from time to time. I stood for him when the comments got really harsh. He did had a very good logical thinking but what got on the nerves was the lack of carrying a task on his own.

Going by the way he was, I thought he might be soon be on the way out as nothing worked. Even after been given a refresher course he was showing very little signs of improvement. I kept asking him what were his plans for the future as I knew that he might be headed towards trouble in the future.

It is really by god grace that he is still holding the job. After having a chat, I came to know that he is planning on a back up in case anything goes wrong and that now he is giving it back to people who make fun of him. He is now on his way to become a father.

The God's Child

She is really special. I wonder if she is even aware of her abilities. Lets call her Rose. She is good at her job. Again making friends is something she is not good at. The only thing that goes against her that she is a complete introvert and always keeps on complaining :))

I remember having a talk with her, when she asked me how come people who are deserving don't get what they should? I had no answers for her back then and even now. She had just got appraised and came to know that she lagged behind a guy who got better appraised than her not because he was a good performer (he was way bad compared to her) but was closer to the people in position. She was very angry.

She wrote the most beautiful poems I ever read. Here is a girl whom you never see talking and coming up with such brilliant work. I loved her poems, so thoughtful and deep, reflected what lies beneath the skin. The last time I spoke to her, she was still complaining about additional responsibilities given to her. Though writing poems has stopped as she hardly gets the time. I am still waiting for her to email the poems.

The reason I mentioned them here is because these are individuals who are considered "not worth enough" to be friends. Their faults is that they expose their vulnerabilities which makes them the easy pickings for any one who wants to have fun.

I do hate it when that happens. As you grow up, you have to learn stand up on your feet. I am not sure if they are aware that they can overcome their shortcomings. I do hope that they do.


Shwetz said...

The post was quite opposite the title 'Emotional Atyachaar'. I'd expected something funny, but this is brilliant.

You'll find such people in every walks of walk. I too find myself like the 3rd type you mentioned. But then as said, everyone will be what they have to be at the right time. People will find the courage, determination, success at the right time.

Nice :)

Yogesh said...

@ Shwetz

Thanks for the compliment. I actually thought this is a very apt title considering the emotional turbulence they might be going through facing the world.

I agree. We tend to think that the grinds of life makes our life difficult, when in fact it was just preparing us for what was coming ahead.

rauf said...

Mostly its childhood Yogesh, people fail to connect. Very few are born dimwits. People often don't find right place to go. By luck they get an oppertunity to connect like your first case.
More over our education kills the creativity

Please watch Sir Ken Robinson on youtube, 20 minutes long, its very enlightening


Yogesh said...

@ Rauf

Thank You for visiting the blog Sir.

I agree, mostly its the upbringing and then the influence of society.

I watched the video and it was insightful and completely agree with him.