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January 26, 2009

My Home: An Animals Sanctuary

The crow was sitting on the grill of our kitchen window and waiting for Amma to put some food for him to eat. He raised his voice too, wanting us to take notice of him. When I asked Amma why you don't give it something to eat. She said that it does not eat anything except non-veg, which are made only on Sundays. It stayed on for a while and then realizing that today is not the day flew away.

This is not the first time when a bird paid a visit to us. There have been several instances in the past too where Amma's flower pots has been used by the pigeons as a maternity ward to deliver their eggs. Though she tried her best to prevent them from laying eggs but she could not stop them. The only problem was the eggs never used to get hatched except one as they were eaten away by crows. The mother bird tried to protect her unborn child but she failed. We too shooed away the crows whenever we found it harassing the mother bird, but it was good in its job of snatching eggs. The one that did hatched was also taken away by them though it did got to live for a few days.

Birds were not the only ones who were paying us a visit, there were other animals too. One fine day very early in the morning, I heard my sister screaming and running away. When I got up from my bed, I heard the sound "meow" and was surprised to find a cat at the end of my bed. We later realized that the cat made an entry through an open bedroom window.
Can you imagine a cat intruding in your second floor home from no where. I believe that the cat had come to wake us up when our alarm did not work :)

The animals always preferred to give us a surprise visit. My guess is that the word has spread among the animals that we have been very generous to them. Some believe it and Some don't. It is the skeptics who decides to verify the facts themselves, no wonder every now and then we have a new face to see.

Recently we had a squirrel who managed to enter our house but could not exit it. This one made me ran a lot behind it. This was one of the two squirrels that was often spotted on the tree in front of our home. Never thought it will come so closer to us. It took me hours to capture it with a shoe box. Many times it ran over my leg or try to frighten me by jumping towards me. Finally when I did got hold of it, I thought what a great pet it would make. Amma was watching me and I could see in her eyes what her answer was. I let it go with a heavy heart.

Yesterday too, I saw a pigeon couple checking out our bedroom window to probably build a nest to lay their eggs. It flew away when I got the wind of what was on their mind.

I used to think that to see animals you need to go closer to the nature. Here in my home there is a different story going on, hope the animals are not paying us a visit to see how we live.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Lovely story and we have similar experiences too. Ideally I would say we should believing with animals, the way nature meant us to. But we have created concrete jungles and we refuse to even share the only planet with the rest of it's inhabitants!
You are kind to them. And I am glad you let he squirrel go. It would never have been as happy with you as in trees outside. We sometimes feed them and take their pictures in the garden.. or through her windows... try that! It would be a pleasure to watch them through living normal natural lives in their own habitat through your blog :)

The Survivor said...


Thanks for your generous words. :D

Actually I have taken a few pics, now my niece waits to catch a glimpse of it whenever she pays a visit...