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January 25, 2009


"An Idea that is developed and put into action
is more important than
an idea that exists only as an idea"

— Buddha

One can think of many creative things in their mind but talk about bringing them into existence and you fall flat. I believe that if you can imagine it, you can bring it to life too. The hard part is to bring them into existence. My problem is that I am unable to bring my "ideas" into existence. The ones I want to see the light of the day.

I can say that I am good at coming up with ideas, my managers and others would vouch for that. I have been successful in implementing my ideas in the work environment, it is the personal ones where I need to show more initiatives to bring them to life.

My collection of ideas are screaming, begging to me and doing everything so that I get into a mode of bringing them to life in the real world rather than stay a figment of my imagination.

Most of them are related to writing novels, plays, story plots, some requires me to become an entrepreneur and some wants me to work for the benefit of the society. I tried my hand of doing justice to them, but most of the time I found myself lost in my own world and hardly took notice of it, though I knew about it.

What a writer I am. I write as long as the plot keeps me interested when it fall short, I forget about it. I hope to change that. Though I did managed to write a story plot and also a short story. After that I just keep telling myself that I have to write another but never do it.

To become an entrepreneur you need more than just a business proposal. One requires finances and the right kind of people backing up for your venture. I have not found anyone with whom I could collaborate and make it happen. I am working towards making a website (not aimed at making money) which requires minimal funding. Let see if I am able to get it through. My social initiatives will requires me to a gather a lot of information about what I want to do and travel, something that I can not do right now. Hopefully I should be in a couple of months down the line.

The three ideas that I hope to work on this year are:

Writing a novel: I hope to devote at least one hour a day for a start. My problem is that I tend spend most of my time on other non productive stuff then doing something useful. Hoping to change things for better. If you happen know about any publisher of books, do let me know.

Building a website: Building a website which is aimed at strengthening the human spirit and give hope. I tried to create this through the “create free websites”. I need to try something different to work it out.

Gaming Cafe: This is something closest to my heart. I am not a big time gamer but the idea of having people playing games through LAN thrills me a lot. There are some other things too which will surely make this gaming cafe rock when it hits the roads. I do hope I can make this happen. Rest I leave it to GOD.

I hope to do a lot of things different this year. This is my way of making a start :)

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