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December 15, 2008

What a Weekend!!

What a weekend this had turned out to be. Read on to know further.

On Friday evening, I had a wedding of my brother-in-law's brother to attend. My family was already out there, as I had been out for work, I decided to join them at the reception. I had no clue on what was coming my way.

I had two choices to reach the place either take an auto or travel by train. I thought of travelling by auto as I did not wanted to take the risk of getting my clothes rubbed against fellow passengers while riding in a train. As I was already running late, I had not made up mind till the last moment.

It was the call from my sister who asked me where I was and told me to reach the place before everything gets wrapped up. I then decided to take the train route as it was much quicker than the road transportation. As some says if its ain't your day, you can do nothing about it.

I stood outside my building to catch an auto to reach the railway station, which is like a 10 min.walk from my place. As luck would have it, there was no single vacant auto moving and soon enough there was a traffic jam, thanks to the flyover build nearby. I decided to take a walk and finally managed to board a train. This did not end here. The train that I boarded was running late too, twice it stopped in between. It was then it sink in that I may not be able to make it on time. Later, I came to know a person at one of the stations came in between the train and the tracks while trying to reach the other side of the platform. I landed at the nearest station to the venue and thought my ordeal was finally over. I was wrong. I faced the same situation as I stood outside my building. sometime back. Only this time, the auto drivers were being choosy on where they wanted to go. There was long wait of commuters like me who were out on the road to catch an auto. I even went to the end of the road to catch an empty auto before someone else does. Even that did not work. Others also did the same. My patience was running out, so I called my sister to know how far was the place from the station, it turned out to be a 10-15 min distance. I decided to take my chances and walk all the way to the venue. As I made up my mind, and started walking, I found an auto camouflaged by the parking vehicles around which just dropped a passenger. I quickly made my move and asked him to take me to the venue.

There was another twist in the tale here. The driver told that he would take me if I knew the place as he was not from here. I told him, even I did not knew the place and that we can ask people to reach the destination. Soon he started his auto's engine and we were off. After asking a few people, I finally reached the wedding venue. I thanked the driver without whom my journey would have been incomplete.

The chairs were already half-empty when I reached there. I thought I am in for a lot of sound bytes. Thankfully, none of that happen. After that everything went smooth. There was more trouble coming for me which I had no idea of.

That night, I was constantly changing my positions and was unable to sleep. I did not know what was happening. It was only when I woke up on a Saturday morning with a cold, headache and fever that I realized what happened. The next two days, I slept and was on the couch wrapped with sheets watching TV and doing nothing. For now, I am avoiding cold water, though the fever and cold has gone, I am stuck with the headache and dry cough. Guess this is winter's way of telling its here and making its presence felt.


I Walk Alone!!! said...

Your experience is quite usual in Mumbai. Actually I would say Mumbai lives on such experiences ;)

You better take some rest... and get well soon

Sayani said...

hey there i really liked the templates u have put...

be happy dun't worry thats ur motto ...
gr8 one ...me too having similar concept

:) tc

Yogesh said...

@ Walk Alone

Welcome to LIFE Blog.

I agree with you.

Thanks, Hope to recover soon. :)

@ Sayani

Welcome to LIFE Blog.

Thanks for the compliment.

Its not my motto, something similar on lines you could say.