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December 21, 2008

My Christmas Memories

"Christmas is not a time or season, but a state of mind.
To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy,
is to have the real spirit of Christmas"

The festive season is around, and if you are working in one of those outsourcing companies, you are sure to find the christmas spirit around you :) I sure did. Christmas has always been an occasion which brought joy to me, especially when it meant less work during this part of the year.

Over the years, there have been many christmas celebrations, but the one that I cherish was of which I was a part of. This was back in the year 2005, when I had just completed a year in the company. As a new recruit, I was full with energy and enthusiasm always coming up with ideas, be it work or having fun (That has not changed a bit, but yes cutting down on the work though). We had this fellow in our team, who loved to be in the limelight and wont be shy of his comments on anything. One day I just thought how wonderful it would be to make him a Santa Claus and bring gifts for the team in his gunny bag. I shared this idea with my Team Leader who was very happy and jumping with joy. Before we could carry it out, we had to take permission from our Manager. I emailed her about our plans and seeking her approval of the same.

She got the better of me. Instead of making him Santa Claus for just our process, she decided to do it with the whole dept. She was right in doing that. Our Santa Claus in the making was beaming with smile when the news was broken to him. What a day that was, people were getting crazy when he started throwing gifts around. On one point, I acted like a bouncer trying to protect him when people were all over him (Actually, I was worried about the clothes which I had brought on hire). What fun we had that day. He was there for all the shifts to distribute the gifts.

A funny thing had happen when my friend decided to get into the Santa Claus dress in the Men's loo. He was changing out in the open where people were coming and going. He told me that he would get into one of the toilet's to change. What followed next was simply hilarious. As he unlocked one of the doors, he blurted "Abe Akash tu kya kar raha hai:" Then the next voice came "Bandh kar saale". Akash forgot to lock the door while going in. Our Santa Claus commented loudly "Kya abe Western Commode main Indian Style behta hai, yeh pe bahtke mujhe use karna ageya hai". Even today when I think of this, I find myself laughing.

Another thing that made this Christmas memorable for me was doing something that I have never done before an audience. Yes, the first and the only time when I did a mimicry in front of others ( I prefer to do it in front of my family most of the times). It was part of the activities carried out for Christmas. It was the evening shift, when the shift lead decided to have a bit of fun around. It started with Antakashari, shayari and few mimicked each other and others guessed. I thought even I could it, but did not had the guts to move forward. I just told myself, let's just do it. and went ahead. I mimicked some of senior colleagues and managers. I was surprised to find a manager being a witness to my act. It was fun.

The next day, I had one of the managers (the count of managers in the dept. was endless) talk something about the act. I did not get what she said, but wondered how she came to know of that. The funny thing happened when I arrived at my office with Santa Claus in the making with his clothes, when one of the manager got caught hold of me in the reception area. He came to know that I mimicked him and wanted me to do it again. I was taken aback from a moment. I told him I cannot do it here right now, so he took me to the interview room nearby with another manager. There was no escape for me here, so I did it. not knowing what would followed next (He was not known for being friendly with others). Luckily, nothing happened. Before the manager got hold of me, he was busy taking interview of candidates. As I got in my dept. and settled in, there were more murmurs behind me, soon enough the other set of managers, shift lead also wanted to see the act again. Never before I have seen myself in so much demand. I was hesitant a bit, as I am not known for performing, but then there were other people who joined in, you can say the dept. I did it again not sure how well it came off. At the end of the act, it felt like a huge burden coming off. Later I came to know that the shift lead who had organized the activity had sent out a mail to every managers and leads about who did what. Had I any clue of that, I don't think I would have done the act.

I really enjoyed those days a lot. Though the christmas celebrations after that day has never been the same, but it does reminds me of the wonderful time that I had back then.




Mariadas said...

Hi, nice article. Even i was part of that christmas celebration when Dinesh had become the santa clause. And our team tried to snatch all the gifts from santa. And you were trying to protect him. I had wondered at that time why is he bothered to protect santa. Now i got the answer that the clothes were brought by you.

And the article was nice. Had a good laugh reading about Akash. Abe tu kya kar raha hai. English commode mein indian style. ha ha hahah haha ah

Tejo said...

Hi pal,

Ur abt me as well as ur lyf instruction pic on ur homepage jus luks so gud to me....

Happy blogging

Yogesh said...

@ Maria

You should have seen it, it was fun.

@ Tejo

Good to see that you liked it.