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December 30, 2008

The Good, the Bad and Ugly of 2008

As the year comes to an end, I have decided to look back at the year 2008 and see how good, bad and ugly it was :)

When the year started, I thought this was a year that would change my life (I read too much of horoscopes to think about that). It sure changed my life. In the first month itself I was getting a lot of flak when I was not at fault. It was a sign of what was coming on my way.

The first few months had been hell. I did everything that would ensure my survival. I sure did survive. The one thing that I am still yearning for is appreciation. I don't know what it will take for others to appreciate. I don't know when that will happen. When it does, it would have surely lost its importance in my life or may be I will cherish it a lot.

Then the day came, when I realized it's not worth it. Day when I thought, I had enough and its time that I should do what was on my mind all the time. I should have done this earlier. The signs were there for me to see, it was just that I was still clinging on the small ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

I moved on. This year also made me realize how good I am. I always underestimated myself, but not any more. I got to see things, that I did not see before me, but were in front of me all the time. It was like living life all again. I enjoyed that period. Also came to know of ways how I can resurrect my life for the better.

Change is one thing that I am not good at dealing with. Something that is good to talk about, but hard to follow. Still I knew that its better to face it than run away from it. That is what I am doing now.

My flair for writing is the one thing that came out this year. You might have noticed it in the blog. I also tried my hand at poems, thought only people who are sensitive could do that. Guess what, I am sensitive too.

I also made amends with GOD. I had stopped praying because I was angry at him. Over the years it seemed that I started believing in him again especially Sai Baba which restored my faith in him Still I did not visited temples unless my family drags me to one. Then there were times when I would make plans to travel temples outside the city. I realized that I was no longer angry and that I should stop fooling myself. That's what I did. When I was small, I told GOD something which I believe he turned into a reality. I don't know of all the other prayers I said to him, why he choose that. He surely reminds me of that day everyday.

I have my fair share of happiness, sadness, despair and other emotions. I also realized that when you look at the bad phases of your life, don't forget to look at the good phases too, it evens out. Life is not that bad at all. Life is not standing in your way, you are. Like they say,


Hope the year 2009 turns out better. I have a feeling it would (had peeked into 2009 horoscopes).





Tejo said...

Hi Yogesh...
Hope u r doin gud.
Nice 2 c a person who introspects himself n his voyage ovr a span of tym. Lyf s always a mixed voyage. Bt d beauty lies in picking d best n learning 4m d worst..

Happy living man. n Wish ur dreams cum true in dis beautiful year ahead


Yogesh said...

@ Tejo

Welcome to LIFE

I am doing just fine. Yeah I agree with you, but sometimes it does makes you go and wander.

Thanks for the wishes and hope your dreams too come true as well!!

Deepali said...

Happy New Year.

Have a Brilliant 2009

Yogesh said...

@ Deepali

Wish you a Happy New Year and hope all your dreams come true.