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November 22, 2008

She Kept Pushing Me Away.............

I don't know why she does it every time I want to be with her. She keeps running away from me when I want to be closer. When I don't look at her she complains that I don't give her attention. She comes to me when no one is watching. Every time we meet she acts like she is angry on me, even though I have not done anything to make her feel offended.

I have never really chased girls in my life, but this one is really making me run after her. If you are wondering why I still try to woo her, well she happens to be my niece. She does not like to be near boys. I have a weakness for kids, I like to play with them whenever they are around. My niece turned out to be quite a "naatku". Always saying to me "kati", showing me the little finger whenever she pays a visit to her uncle's house.

Initially I thought she did it, coz she had not spend much time with me and it would go away with time. My niece certainly did not think so. Every time I tried to play with her, she would keep running away, telling me that she would complain about me to everyone. I was okay with this in the beginning, but then it started getting on my nerves. I know being a "grow-up" maturity is expected out of me, but then again with kids, you become one of them.

I started avoiding her, even acted like I don't want to talk to her. Even I did kati to her. She would then complain to her Mom (my sister) that I won't talk to her or say look at her. When she wants to play, she wants me around otherwise its kati all the way.

Even yesterday, the same story unfolded, raising the little finger towards me as she was inside the home. This time round, I tried to woo her and she kept running away some times hiding behind her Mom or Dadi's legs. Again complaining that she would tell everyone back home. Still I would try to play with her. Running behind her made me realize how we guys are kept on their toes by their girlfriends, she just reminded me of that.

Today, I finally find success when my efforts paid off, she kept calling up my name to play with her. It was a good feeling to feel needed. I just hope that this is just not for the time being. I hope the next time when she comes again, she won't raise that little finger again.

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Anonymous said...

Girls would always be girls :) Your neice has learned it quite early it seems. Honestly I love playing with kids as well... Its a different world altogether when you are with kids... You are a child again... I miss my childhood :)