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September 2, 2008

My Caller Tune Singing a Different Tune

The song "Hey Shona" was blaring from the speakerphone of my manager's who was trying to get in touch with one of the new recruits. That was the caller tune of the recruit that comes to my mind when talk about caller tunes.

Nowadays caller tunes have become so common that every now and then you might hear a cellphone singing a new tune. Though I resisted it for quite a while, coz it did not made sense to me to have my caller listen to a tune that I liked, but I cannot listen to it. The truth of the matter is there was no tune I felt would be suited as my caller tune. So when I did found one, I knew what I wanted to do. The one thing that I did not know was how I had a tough time setting my caller tune. Read on to know further.........

The last time I came across setting a caller tune was when my friends told me why did I set a caller tune of Hutch (now Vodafone) which left me amazed given my approach to the caller tunes. So I ended up making futile attempts to make the lady at the Hutch customer care center understand that I did not activated the caller tune. I was told that nothing can be done about this as this could be proved. So I ended up paying for the activation for the same.

This time round, I wanted to make sure everything goes fine. My caller tune was from the movie "Rock On". I got the song code from the site which was promoting the movie. I followed the instruction that told to send an SMS to 56789. After that I got the message which said to subscribe type ACT CT which I promptly did. After that I called up at my own cell to listen to the tune that I was dying to hear. To my surprise it was the Vodafone tune that was set as my caller tune. I then happen to cancel the caller tune which then effectively happened to and again tried to send the song code to set it as my caller tune. I got a message saying that my request was pending.

Later I got a message saying it was deactivated. I stop trying for it again. Never did I thought that setting a caller tune can be so tiresome exercise. I did not give it up so easily. So I called up the customer care to find out if I did something wrong on my end. I told them what I did, I was then told that to set caller tune I had to type CT and then the song code. I did that and then I got a message saying it has been activated and funnily again the same Vodafone tune singing "You and I in this beautiful world...................." . I again called up the customer care, explained what I had gone through and then I was told that I search for the song and send an SMS to a different number. I said okay, lets try this one too. This time it worked. Finally my efforts paid out. What a relief!!!

The one thing that I don't understand is how can such a simple task be made so complex? Either it is a good ploy to make money as each of these SMS to activate the caller tune comes at a premium. Giving clear instructions would definetly help here.

I am waiting to see my bill now to know how much I ended up spending to have my caller tune sing the right tune.

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