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August 19, 2008

Instant Messaging (IM)

You must be wondering what this is all about. One must have chatted so many times with their friends that their typing speed must have improved by now. At least mine have :) I am talking about chatting with people you don't know, probably of the opposite sex. We all have done it sometime or the other. I am writing down my experiences as I see that IM (instant messenger) chatting has made its way to the graveyard. I found my chats to be amusing, funny and did left me wondering too!!!

It was during my college days that I was into it whenever I need to 'pass my time'. I would go into the chat rooms and hoping to find some girl to talk to. The conversation always started with a Hi and if you are lucky enough they will reply back. One needs to be make sure that their chat is interesting or else you might end up chatting with yourself.

I used do get stuck up wondering what to say next when I do get a reply from the other side. You might talk about interests, work/studies and may be other stuff. May be I need to learn how to break the ice. In my messenger I find a long contact list which is never online whenever I am or they have learned the trick of being invisible. I remember one 'friend' of mine with whom I had chatted and then added to my contact list. After a few months down the line, when I told 'Hi' to her when she was online she did not remembered me although I was in her contact list. How funny can things get?

The one thing I found was that I ended up doing all the talking and all they would do is answer. I guess they are used to that kind of attention where they can choose whom they want to talk to. Not different from the real world. After all when one sees an id with a girl name it gets bombarded with so many chat requests. My friends used to chat pretending to be girls. What a fun they had doing it.

Though there were times when the chat would end before it began, then there were times when the 'friend' whom I had added in my contact list would never appear online. They were also those with whom you really had a good time chatting too. You would exchange e-mail ids but after that there would be no reply. I even had instances where I had to introduce n number of times to a friend of mine who is adept at shayari. Sometime chatting does has the same effects of a face to face conversation, the only difference is that the face is missing here. Then I had this chat with this girl, we instantly hit it off and talked for hrs. After that I never saw her online again. Did left me wondering what happened here?

I find online chatting to be interesting as you tend to judge the person by the text they entered rather than how they look. Something we don't follow in the outside world. One tends to create an image about the person with whom they are talking which of course creates an excitement within us. I mad a lot of friends throughout the globe and even meet some of them.

Nowadays when I do turned my IM, one can only see the long list of contacts who appear offline. Even if you do go in chat rooms hoping to chat with someone. The only ones you would find are bots which would try to entice you to click on their link and see them live on the cam. With the number of social networking sites coming up, it can be said that chatting online has made a transformation in the form of scraps. One can know whom they want to be friends with and may even check out their pics, profile something not possible with IM.

As for me I don't go in search of making new friends now, don't even have the time to do that. Hope online chatting has been fun for you as it has been for me. I use my IM to check for mails. Works better for me, rather than going into the site and log into it. For now

Instant Messaging R.I.P.


Viraj said...

so very true dude!

i guess most of d guys can very well relate to it.

and as u mentioned abt some of ur male frnds chatting to other males while pretending to be females...try it some time. it's fun. :P
the fun reaches its pinnacle ven the guy on d other side asks for ur pic and u tell him tht u dont trust guys so soon and after 10 solemn urgings u eventually show thm ur real pic. :P

try it out sometime :D

JaY said...

I actually did happened to try it once and its real fun :))))))