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June 6, 2008

Feeling Trapped

"I have always liked it, it is still my favorite book.
I do not like my writing,
but I like this book...
I wish I like my own writing more, but like all of us,
I am trapped inside my own skin"

— William Goldman

There are times when you have a lot to say but you cannot express it. You want to do things in a certain way, but you end up doing things differently something you don't enjoy. The way you think from inside is different from the way you act outside. You do everything and still no one takes notice of it except when you make mistakes. You have lot of anger vent up inside and don't know how to deal with it. Things don't work your way even when you end up doing the right things.

You are made to wonder what you did wrong when everything you did was right. You make things happen for others to have good memories for the rest of their lives, but no one does the same for you. You have been good to people, but when its their turn to help you out, they are quick to turn their back on you. No body wants to recognize you, making you feel like a loner. Though they want your help when in a catch-22 situation.

Still you take everything in your stride. You want to enjoy the gifts of life. You feel, you are surrounded by wrong people and want to change them. Even if you try, you can not do much about it. as they end up being the only source of a "company" to go out with (if you don't want to go alone).

Life takes it's toll and you begin to think where all this is leading up to. Will I be able to live my life the way I want to? Fulfill my dreams and goals?

There are no answers here, its for each one of us to find it out.

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