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May 13, 2008

The Perfect Life!!!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

— John Lennon

The perfect life — a life which one dreams to live. I guess everyone has a picture in their mind on their lives should be. Why is that very few people are able to live their lives the way they want to be and others keep struggling to get it right?

Recently I was put into this thought as I thought that certain ingredients missing in my life would have given the right flavor to my recipe of perfect life. Somehow they continue to dodge me. I hope to get hold of them some day J. I wondered if others are getting to taste their recipe or in search of the missing ingredients like me.

We all have seen people who do a few things and the next thing you know they are all over the papers for the right/wrong reasons. Then they are people who have slogged all their life and still that key ingredient is missing from their life which would have made the big difference. I happened to have narrowed down a few key ingredients which would help anyone to make their perfect life recipe or at least live a good life. They are:

Friends & Contacts: Having friends who have the right attitude and zeal towards life makes a very big difference to anyone’s life. Friends teach you a lot of things and real friends are there to help you out when they need you. Very few people understand this, how having great friends can be a real treasure. Knowing the right kind of people also makes a big difference. They appear like angles when you are caught in a no man’s land situation.

Getting Things Right: If you can do this consistently then you can have things happening for you. This is one of the ways to get appreciated and recognized your work. You can imagine yourself going places if you can do this.

Luck Factor: This is one of the key ingredient without which the recipe will taste sour. I never used to believe that this factor could have made such a difference but slowly I have realized it does. No one can really predict how one can have good luck in their lives, but it certainly makes a difference to one’s perfect life. One can say its life’s way of rewarding people for their karma.

Few people realize this on what goes on making a perfect life recipe. There is also the small stuff that makes a difference in the ingredients of the recipe. It all comes down to on how we look at life and live it out.

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