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May 23, 2008

The Art of Writing

It is hard to imagine that I am doing good in my art of writing (even if I don't, I would like to think so). Never in my imagination did I thought I could write stuff. The adventure has been a good one and a learning experience too.

I started writing short stories in my school time just to pass time. Don't really know what prompt me to. They were horror stories where I made use of my imaginary world. Being a hyperactive kid, sitting and doing nothing would get me worked up. So I was always on to something. I never really shared the stories with anyone with the fear of being ridiculed.

Then there was a time when I had stopped writing. I resumed writing again in my T.Y. in the form of journal writing. My cousin had this habit of journal writing. We (I and my other cousins) enjoyed reading them and came to know a lot of secret stuff during our play days. One can find my journal lying around the house. No is able to read it as I have a real bad handwriting, so no one is able to make out whats written. Who said having bad handwriting does not have it benefits. In the beginning I used to get tried writing every day all the events that took place, what I did and thought and other stuff. I found my energy level getting drained by the act, don't know why. So I would end up discontinuing and restarting it again. It was again during my work stint that I started writing again and have maintain a good track record till now. It is a good way of putting your thoughts into words, I really enjoy it now. In fact I even ended up writing a half-completed story something that I thought could be canned into a T.V. Soap. The one thing that I have not told was about my interest in getting in the field of media. Some how things did not worked out and I ended up in other field but the interest is still there. There is more to this. I even ended up writing poems. It started with writing a birthday message for my sis which I got framed for her. The kind of feedback that I got was great. Made me feel good. There are people who write better poems than me. There is this colleague of mine who can write wonderful poems. She has the talent. I just wish that I could let her know that by publishing her poems.

Recently I have started writing maintaining a blog which I hope you might have read. I was not that active on this when I started as time acted as a big constraint. Nowadays I take my time out to write it. The journey of writing has been enjoyable and a pleasurable one. Its a good way of running away from the reality and being in your own imaginative world where you make things happen. Hope the adventure of writing has been great fun to you as it has been to me.

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