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February 18, 2008

Dedicated to Mothers around the world

Ever wondered that there is someone who takes care of you, makes sure you have everything what you need when you leave the house and makes you eat your breakfast even when you are getting late.

Yes, you are right I am talking about your Mother. One who does all the work while her work always goes unnoticed. We are so busy in living our lives that we tend to forget the force behind us that makes our life easier.

I often wondered what makes them to work so selflessly and drives them to do it all their life. Donning the role of a wife, mother and a working women. She takes care of everything, but at the end of the day what makes her sleep so peacefully and get up the next morning and go about doing her work. We as children never thought of what she did and that she did it for us. The cheesy line that we often use is she is supposed to do that. Never do we thank her for the love and support she gives us when we need her.

It all comes to one thing. The emotional attachment that she develops for us when we take shape in her womb. Her eyes are filled with tears of joy when she first holds us when we come out in the world to be loved, nurtured and raise by her. She always forgives us when we accept our mistakes, is there to support us when we need it the most in our trying times. Never makes us feel alone when she is around. She has always been a giver and never expects anything in return.

If there is anything that we need to do is thank her for loving us so much, giving us a good life, teaching us the values of life. Give her a big hug to let her know that we love her and we are there for here. God gifted us with mothers to take care of us. Sometime this mothers too are in the need for love and care.

This blog is dedicated to all the mothers in the world who represents the spirit of undying love for their children.

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