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February 10, 2008

Chilling Blow in Mumbai

The newspaper read that the temperature in Bombay has hit 8.5 degree celsius. Never before the weather got so chilly. In fact, the last time the temperature hit so low was in 1962 when it was 7.5 degree celsius.

The weather cycle that Bombay goes through is Summer, Rainy and Winter season. Though one can vouch for the summer and rainy season. The winter season was never felt here. It was more like summer with less heat. With global warming taking place, climates have been changing all over the world. Bombay too got sucked into this.

People are seen walking down the road wearing wollen clothes, jackets and shawls. Something never seen before. The climate has gone so cold that there is no need to put on the fans or the air conditioner. Just leave the windows of your house open, and the cool breeze would take care of your needs. Couples can be seen cozying into one shawl, making good use of the change in climate.

The floor has gone so cold that, one does not wish to walk on it. The change in climate has lead to people not going for bath for days as the water is so cold that one shivers when they pour it on their body. Such has been the effect of the winter that the city has been facing a shortage of wollen clothes.

I have been enjoying this change in weather a lot. The only season that I enjoy is rainy season (Guess, I will have to add this in my list too). With the rain drops falling from the sky and the wind accompanying it, the smell of the ground would fill a breath of fresh air. Though I have to add that to enjoy the rainy season in a city like Bombay, one has to overlook the overflowing drains and the potholes which makes it feel like a torture. The best part of the change in weather is that you do not sweat. The wind blowing across the face is refreshing. One does not need to visit a beach to experience it. I choose to walk all the way when I have the time, so that I can enjoy every bit of this weather. I wish that the winter season remain as it is now. As of now, I am waiting for the weekends to come so that I can shop for my winter clothing. Till then CHILL OUT :)))))

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