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October 24, 2017

Wedding Night

"Phew. Never thought I would get so tried on my own wedding day. That too we have not even started off" Ayush said as he made himself at home on his bed.

He got hit by the pillow. "You think you are the only one. What about me? I was the one carrying the jewellery and the zari saree. Not to forget the flowers on my head" said Sia.

"Who told you to do all that?" "Hello, I am going to get married only once and I need to look beautiful on my big day as she punched him on his shoulder as they both were having a laugh about it.

"Can I ask you something? I wanted to ask you for a sometime" Sia said as she laid beside him. "I hope you know that we both are married now and this cannot be undone" Ayush said with a mischievous smile.

"Do you remember the time when we met each other and after that, I told you that I am not a virgin  That did not bother you especially when you were one. Why did you said yes to me? she asked as she looked into his eyes looking for answers.

"Good for us na, at least one of us is experienced, you can teach me some moves" He said as she looked  at him. "Cut the crap. Tell me honestly."

"I will have you with me, besides me for the rest of my life. Should it bother me what you done in your past when I can be with you in your present & the future. He looked at her and then asked "Do you think I did the right thing?"

"Not bad! I think I did the right thing to marry you" she said as they both laughed again and soon Ayush moved on top of her and they both kissed as their eyes met.

She looked at the glass of milk kept on the bedside table, looked at him "You think you are ready to do it" "I am but not tonight we are both very tired." as he moved beside her.

"Did you just said no to sex? Are you even for real? She pinches him and he reacts with face turn red and she behaving coyly.

"You want me to give into the night for some custom. I wont" as he moved on top of her "I want to savor the moment when I make love to you he said looking deep into her eyes.

The lights went off as  he held her in his arms and they kissed each other.

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