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July 23, 2017

Planning Ladakh Road Trip: Begin your practice here

Anyone who has been reading the blog does know about my passion for biking. Happen to take a long tour and then short ones to pump up myself.

Like any bike rider, the ultimate road trip challenge is to do a Leh Ladakh road trip. To be able to conquer it is nothing short of an accomplishment that stays with one for a lifetime.

I am no different and I have been thinking, making plans about it for two years now. I almost came to pull off the trip this time but had to forgo because of other commitments. Next year, its surely on the cards.

However, if you are like me feeling that you are missing out in the action. Worry not, we have alternative that will give you the same experience of a Ladakh ride minus the high altitude and beautiful scenery.

One does not have to go anywhere far. Wait for the rains to come in and one can see Bombay turn up into a practice ground for your trip to Ladakh.

You will see potholes that will test you to the tee in the traffic. Water through which you will have to make your way through as you move ahead. Except that its not fresh water but includes rain water with the mix of drainage water.

Traveling through the Bombay roads during these rains will surely make realize what you will need in the tough terrain.

I stopped taking out my bike in the rains this year given parking issues. However when I did the roads did not disappoint.

If you are like me missed on going to the highest altitude region this year, make do with the roads of Bombay which probably can off far more challenges than Ladakh can in the rains.

Here is a glimpse below.

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