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January 11, 2016

Log Kya Kahege

A random conversation between me and my sister made me realize how the term "Log kya kahege" has killed more dreams before it could be be brought out in the existence.

Our Indian society is like a big Indian family wherein everyone would like to keep a tab on what you do and why you do it. There is no escape from it. Some do it for gossip others just for timepass. There are very few who would genuinely car\worry for you.

The question arises on why should one be afraid of people's reactions, when one knows they do it because they want to and not for people who just choose to give their opinions for free. Give it some time and they wont even remember what the fuss was about.

Reminded of the song "Kuch toh log kahege, logo ka kaam hain kehana" as I think over it. Once one removes this mental block, then there's no stopping. If one still fear/worry think about the fools. If you know about the proverb fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Recently had gone out a trip with friends when observed that while we were busy taking group snaps, there were people who along with their smartphone were taking their own snaps with different poses with the sea & the beach as the background.

 To think of it, nowadays everyone keeps taking selfie these days. Imagine the relief to the stars & celebrities who now just have to pose instead of signing autographs for their fans.

Then again, there are some people who take it a notch higher like the couple who decided to take a selfie with the background of a building in Dubai. Seriously, what were they thinking. If they could have used some common sense they could have avoided getting the backlash by putting the photo online.

Chris Gayle found himself making the news off ground with his attempt to flirt with a female presenter taking his interview. 

To be honest what he did was not appropriate when one thinks he did that in front of a live came that feeds into people's tv set. Then again there is an aspect of it that goes unnoticed. 

What if this would have happened off camera, was the reaction of the people going to be the same. How could it be different when guys try to flirt with women at other places. Food for though eh!

If one thought falling in love was easy think again. First there is a one side crush and if you succeed, you fall in love. That only happens to be the beginning as the levels gets harder just like the game of candy crush requiring various permutations and combinations.

I wonder about the couple's attempts who could not find their way to be together for eternal life and as reality of life drags one away, one could only think of what if things were different...

Who are you thinking about?

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